Lumsden out...

...I am sad...I wanted to see Lumsden run at tomorrow's game and see if the stamps D could do anything to shut him down...I know Smith will be a threat as well, but still sad nonetheless...

im not surprised at all that he's hurt.

..yes, his straight up forward style is going to leave him exposed...

Dont get me wrong, I think he is a ridiculously good back, but I often wonder how long his career will last because of the way he exposes his body.

Poor Hamilton, will there ever be any joy in Steeltown? :frowning:

Although Jesse is a solid asset 1 player should not be the sole reason for team success. Hopefully the Cat's can pull together to win without him! Hope too see him back as soon as possible I enjoy watching a talent such as him play! Good Luck this week Hamilton Fans!

A running back only lasts four years on average. It's a brutal position and injuries go with the territory.

Obviously its a big loss for the Cats but I don't think it's the end of the world. I like Tre Smith and I think he's a capable back to fill in for Lumsden. Printers needs to step up big for them though to have any chance.

Like Casey Printers said, people have short memories. Remember Terry Caulley? probably not, but I think you will after tomorrow.

...for shame, cheering for the wrong side...

...stamps offense will clear cut the hamilton D...moreno has been awol and the DBs are ripe for picking...stamps score 87 points...

..problem is our D will be equally poreous...but only for 75 points...

A little cocky RedandWhite. Careful what you say, you never know, if the Stamps score 87, the cats could score 88. Our offense is right up there. way, the best I'll give you is 87 to 85...Setta misses a FG with no time left on the clock...

I'm a Hamilton fan this weekend. Go Printers!

I'm also a Montreal fan. Go AC!

In addition I'm a Toronto fan. Go ah, erm, anyone?

Setta's been having some off nights, but I'd still take him over any other kicker in the league.

except for Congi :rockin:

Too bad about Lumsden.. never want to see a top player go down, especially a Canadian at the top of his (and everyone else's) game.

This is not like that well-known poem which ends..

"There is no joy in Mudville,
Mighty Casey has struck out!"

There will be joy in Steeltown, our Casey will see to that. Don't shed any tears for us. Casey, Jesse, and the boys will be there. WE BELIEVE!

I still have a feeling that the East final involves the Tabbies... call me crazy, but they'll be in the division finals at the very least. Then again, at the very best, they'll lose to the Riders in the Grey Cup :rockin:

From what I've ready he's really only being rested because of a sore knee and could actually play if needed. So, he may be a late starter. Or maybe it's all a ruse :wink:

Watch out for Terry Caulley. That is all i have to say.

People are blowing this "injury" up to much. It's not the shoulder from last year. He took a helmet to the knee last week and they want to rest him. It's not a big deal and it could happen to anyone. But I'll take Jesse for 12 or 13 games per year as long as he's around for a possible play off run, over any other RB for 18 games. Although, all RB's suffer injuries, very few play 18 games.