Lumsden Out ten weeks or?

Jesse Lumsden has chosen Rehabiliation on his injured shoulder and is likely to be put on the 9 game injured list. Although not much info on if there is a tear in the labrum, but likely some kind of surgery will take place at seasons end. Tight lipped case at the moment from a medical point of view. I wish Jesse well in the mean time to do what he has to do and hope he's ready to go at the earliest Sept. 20 at Sask. or perhaps the rematch Sept. 26th vs RoughRiders at Commonwealth. :thup:

So he'll be out 9 games before he's injured again in the first quarter of the tenth game? Edmonton fans will be thrilled with this kid. He was a major tease/disappointment with my Ticats. Never in the history of the CFL has a player received so many paychecks to spend his time in the gym instead of on the field.

Great when he is healthy, I would say his football career is about done :frowning:

The announcers were saying the other night that his contract is incentive-laden, so I don't think we're spending that much on him. Thank God.

For Lumsden Sake I wish he would just call it a day , he still has to live with this later in his life .

^^ I thought the same thing. He's only 26. Does he want to lose complete use of that arm before he's 30?

Release him. I'm not even joking. This guy is useless. Just release him. Let someone else waste money on this guy. He'll never EVER reach his potential. We should just cut our losses.

he may come in handy in october when the weather turns , I am hoping for the best.

The article says he's done for the season. I don't see him coming back in October. And even if he does, he's going to be so rusty. It'd be like Marvin Harrison coming back for the Colts in the playoffs. He hurt the team more than he helped them.

As much as I dislike Whitlock right now, I'd rather stick with the guys we have.

Lumsden needs to take some time to heal.
Like i said earlier and elsewhere, his whole left torso and shoulder was bandaged up in week one.
This means he came back too soon.
Surgery twice in one year with just as many "comebacks" is asking for trouble.
If he is serious about playing football, take the season off and just tryout for teams in spring 2010.

And what exactly would our "losses" be? The 70 grand in base salary he will receive that does NOT count towards the salary cap because he's nine gamed? Give him one last shot next season, as we signed him to a one plus an option. If he is rusty, use our other RBs. If he gets injured again, 9 game him again and then cut him.

If his salary doesn't count toward the cap, then great. But when I said he'd be rusty, I was responding to oilerrocker's comment about him coming back in October. Bringing him back then would be a mistake.

But let's be honest, how many full seasons has he played so far in his 5-year career with the CFL? If you want to take a chance on him, it's your funeral, as they say. It seems to me our running game is doing well enough without him (and as some say, I'm not even that big of a Whitlock fan).

I heard yesterday he had Surgery and he's done for the year. do you think he's done forever or will he be back? and with what team?

I've already made my feelings known. No need to rehash.

Win or lose tonight, after watching Whitlock, one thing is clear: Edmonton has its running game. We have two capable backs in Whitlock and McCarty. Bringing back Lumsden would just be a waste of time for everyone. The Eskimos need to keep Whitlock and McCarty, maybe bring in a third stringer if they want, and cut Lumsden.