Lumsden Out For The Season

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Too bad for Jesse but it is right move for the team.

Now he won't Count against our cap Number

Blame this loss on the coaches too...When the guy was clearly injured the still played him...I know that it was his other shoulder but the main reason why that one got hurt is because he was playing injured and might have been more cautious...they could have just sat him out for a couple more games and let it heal but noooo...rush him in once again and now hes lost for the season...put your heads on straight coaches and rehab the injuries first before causing more

The Lumer will be back better than ever. :thup:

The Lumer will be injured many many more times in his career. It's time to find a number one back. Too bad we let Holmes go. :thdn:

Does there always have to be blame? Finger pointing? Second guessing? "I always know better"?

I guess every football player who is a little banged up should sit. Is that it?

I posted this Sept 10:

This may sound strange but......if and when we are mathematically eliminated, keep Lumsden, Moreno, McKay-Loescher, Setta and Printers on the sidelines to help with the coaching staff as we bring our #2 guys at each position along so we go into camp next year with a better understanding of where we would be a tragedy if any of these guys I mentioned at the top of the post get a serious injury for nothing....these 5 guys are our potential leaders going forward so they'd be better utilized acting as teachers for the rest of the gang on the depth chart.....until spring camp of course....

it's just a thought is all....don't nag at me ok?......that's my girlfriend's job!.....lmao!

But what do I know?..I'm only a no-mind cheerleader right?.....who doesn't have a clue..... :? :wink:

When did professional football players become teachers? Isn't that what they do upon retirement?

So every professional sports franchise that is out of play off contention should bench all its starters and play the back-ups?

I'm starting to wonder if there isn't some THC in the Stelco stacks.

I have a feeling Lumsden, Moreno, NML, Setta, and Printers would feel pretty upset if the coaches sat 'em out the last 5 games of the year to prevent injury, and coach for next year.

In fact, I'd be quite disappointed if they weren't upset. I would expect every guy on this roster to want to play full out on every snap till the end of the season.

He got hurt because of his running style. That's it. Not because of coaching, or because we didn''t hold him out.

Mikey I would be really upset with the organization if they hel;d out any players "for next season" the players want to play and we pay to see them. Pre season is for sitting out vets. These guuys are the team and if they don't play then that would be incompetence on the coacching staff. Injusries are part of the game and youc an't sit guys because they might get hurt.

Before this dissolves to the usual bunfight, Mikey is correct in that the team should “sit” its “core players” who are injured to preserve them for employment next year.

The point that is being missed is that Moreno, Setta etc., are not, at this point, injured, and so its safe to keep them on the field.

I am suspicious that Jesse’s right clavicle injury was not caused by him “unconciously” protecting his left (previous injury)(or do I have it backward?), when being “allowed” to play, because he is a fierce competitor and cannot accept “voluntarily sitting himself” where he feels he can help the team.

As it stands, let him sit out the last five games on the sidelines, and yes, “coach” Caulley, and whoever else we bring in.

And yes, I’d love to lay this one at the feet of the coaching staff, but in fact, between us fans and the media, we pretty much demanded that Jesse dress and play, ven when we knew the injury could take 30-45 days to fully heal…

I seriously don't give a rat's ass......I'm just saying that if the team wants to build a good nucleus, they will remove these guys who may get injured and use them to help teach, evaluate for next year....

out of my list I posted on Sept. 10 :

2 down
3 to go

carry on..... :roll:

Jesse was cleared by the medical staff to play for a left shoulder injury. He will miss the rest of the season with a right shoulder injury. Contrary to what many of you belive on here the medical staff or front office do not clear guys who "can't" play. If they feel he can take a hit and not add further damage they will clear him. It's Jesse's call at that point. It wasn't the fans or the media. It was Jesse. He's always going to have an injury concern because of his running style.

As for Jesse "coaching" Caulley. Caulley doesn't need any coaching from Jesse. He's played D1 NCAA ball and had much better caoching than Jesse could ever offer him. Caulley appears to be a very good RB IMO.

Caulley is coming up on about four games experience in the CFL game, which is considerably different from the US version, as our coaching staff is painfully finding out for themselves.

And yes, he's a great RB, and we need to find out all that he can do...

Building a good nucleus also involves playing these guys because what you fail to mention is that most are 1st year CFLers. As much playing time as possible can only be good for them.

You can't play this game worrying about injury. Injuries are a part of the game.

Apparantley we now need a team clairavoyant, just to make sure none of our guys get injured playing... sitting vet/core players for the sake of next year is a ludicrous idea.

If they are healthy or even just a little banged up play the bloody game, does your boss sit YOU when you have a headache?? if so.. where can I apply???????

It's pretty straight forward to me. If the medical staff clears a player, he plays. If not, sit him out. Can it be clearer? All this other stuff about saving him for next year, or waiting until he was 100% is totally unrealistic. Everyone is hurting at this stage of the season but barring injury, they play.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) Some of the most ridiculous comments and thoughts I have read on this site for ages !!!!!

how do you think the cats will do the rest of the season knowing he's on the sidelines? can the cats win without him this season?

The gang that couldn't shoot straight
has also shot the wrong man again, Ockham.

Do their bosses at work tell them
that they have to come back to work

after one of their shoulders gets
torn up in an accident on the job? :roll: