Lumsden Out Again

Jesse Lumsden is out again. No, this is not a recording.

This guy's career won't last much longer if he keeps trying to run over people all the time.

And if he once again screws the Ticats after what they've done for him, and bolts for the NFL, I say he should be barred from ever playing in the CFL again.

Enouhg of these guys who don't want to be here.

He needs to learn that although he's pretty good at it, his body cant take the pounding constantly

Your right jman, take care of yourself, is the idea.
Can he play it that way, I don't know..
But he is a hell of a player..

He'll always have a job in the CFL, Canadian runningbacks that start don't grow on trees. He's a ratio breaker and disregarding the fact he's an excellent player on top of that, he'll always find a home.

Not if he's constantly injured he wont

Great CFL backs, big or small.... have the ability to protect themselves. Can Jesse accomplish this feet...for's in his blood.

I agree berezin99.

Too bad. Lumsden is a lot of fun to watch. I hope we heals quickly. :cowboy:

It's been said, the boys up in Canada hit a lot harder than down south. I think Lumsden is very tough, is it his shoulder still?

Why would you think he is going to go for the NFL again? And what makes you think that the NFL will take him again? NFL is picky. He hasn't been able to land on a team after two shots at it. Quit whining.

I heard he wanted to try it again in a interview earlier in the season.Go just dont comeback. I guess Kenton Kieth had a good game today where ever he plays.