Lumsden on the road

To recovery that is, at least according to a report on 900CHML Ticats Nation…

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Good luck to Jesse and I’m sure he will follow all treatments and physio to recover as soon as he can.
Can’t wait to see him in action this upcoming season!

Rehabilitation from torn labrum.

You may enjoy walking, Stairmaster and stationary bicycle riding within one to
two weeks after surgery. Jogging, and regular bicycle riding can start two to three months after surgery, as can gentle golf strokes. Swimming, running, and tennis ground strokes start four to six months after surgery.

A return to overhead throwing, tennis strokes and contact sports require at least six months of rehabilitation, and a full return to competitive overhead sports requires 12 months. Return to weight lifting is unpredictable. You may need one full year before performing activities such as the bench press and you may never recover enough to lift heavy weights.

Best of luck.

Are you a Doctor or Physiotherapist or Certified Athletic Therapist, sec7row40? Or did you get your info from wikipedia? Seems kinda bleak to me, but I guess it depends on the severity of the injury.

I am apprehensive about Lumsden's shoulder injuries and not being in the medical field, I have no idea how seriously injured he was/is or what the recuperative time frame would actually be.

Lumsden himself, appears very optimistic about returning to full strength by training camp, however, with both of his shoulders injured, I have to wonder how bad is his other shoulder. (The one that didn't undergo surgery)

Like everyone here, I'm hoping for his return to full strength in a very short time.