Lumsden on the Bullpen today

If anyone's interested.

Thanks,I'll tune in 5PM-6 Sportsnet.
You have to expect the same answers ,but maybe a new question from McCowan will surface or better from Brunt if he's on today...?

the bullpen is on in the morning,primetime in the evening

HA! Good catch. Sorry about the goof.

you're forgiven

looks like he'll be on after 6:30 pm.

jesse’s coming on now

the biggest thing that i learned from that interview was that jesse's having fajitas for dinner.

that was a boring interview. :roll:

That was a waste of ten minutes. Not the biting radio journalism McCowan is known for. It could be a little favouritism was being played, being family friends and all. If you didn't know better, you'd think Jesse just signed a lucrative contract with a championship contender and life is just grand. The reality is he is one hit away from his football career being over and without a running game the Eskies are in for a repeat of last year's results.

8) Only new thing Jesse said there was that he does not have an agent. He does all his own negoiating with regards to his contract !!!!

Is there a professional football player anywhere that you couldn't say that about?

So what was the point of the interview? Fluff like that is usually reserved for morning shows.

There was potential controversy in this story - Lumsden just shut McCown down early by saying he didn't want to talk about what didn't happen.

Maybe if Brunt wasn't off sick, the interview would have revealed something. Hamilton-based Brunt has depth as a journalist and knows a bit about the Lumsden/Ticat fan love/hate relationship, while McCown, despite all his self-promotional teeth-gnashing, only knows what he reads about in the Toronto morning papers.

Maybe Lumsden only agreed to go on Prime time because Brunt was off and he knew he wouldn't get grilled.

Apparently he was on an Edmonton radio show that was a little more hard-hitting. He commented on the fact that that Edmonton had tough O’lineman or some such crap. Blah blah blah is all it means to me.

if you are having trouble sleeping, you can listen to the interview here.

[url=] ... 5030_38888[/url]


And here's his interview with Edmonton radio station 630 CHED, for what it's worth:

[url=] ... ID=1064071[/url]

Thanks, I was too lazy to look it up. :smiley:

Nothing the least bit controversial in the Edmonton interview either, actually. Even the bit about mean O-Linemen was just a response about what he's looking forward to, not a comparison to what he's leaving.

I usaully don't care much about players one way or the other once they've moved on - I'm 100% homer with a short memory, but this is one guy I'm rooting for. Circumstances made this guy a lightning rod for controversy but in my experience he's as decent and hardworking a young man as you're going to find in the CFL. And thrilling to watch when he's at his best.

I don't disagree with Obie letting him walk - Lumsden's health makes him a risk and Hamilton, because of repeated turgid seasons, can afford to take fewer risks than the other seven teams. But I hope he does well, just less well on August 8th.

Nicely said.