Lumsden on mantracker

I was just listening to the fan960 and they had jessie lumsden on. for his interview, it should be posted on by mid day. on the home page i beleive. Sounds like the episode will air in august some time. as well, one of his bobsled partners will be on the show. aparently they are using it as a fund raiser as well at flames central when it airs. should be some stamps there as well.

I am glad to know he is still able to be in sports. I just may always call him the best canadian running back that never quite made it. i was glad to see him finish up as a stamp.

I heard he gets injured on the show

Hmm.. didn't see THAT one coming!

:roll: :lol:

If he gets injured on Mantracker....well...I just don't know what to say. I wonder if Mantracker is a CFL fan, probably a Stamps fan.

It sounded liek the other guy lumsden is with was a little hurting.

Do you think hes a stamps fan because hes a cowboy hick type? well, thats cool with me!

I was more thinking because he works for Alberta Foothills Search and Rescue and it's around 40 km south of Calgary which would lead me to sorta rule out being an Esks fan. That and I'm sure cowboy types have a soft spot for the Stamps.

i would be awesome to see mantracker ride quick six some day.

I thought they wernt renewing his contract. glad they did. its the same bearded scary guy right?

...not at all a scary guy. When he was around these parts filming, a friend had an opportunity to have a couple drinks with him...said he was a really nice guy who loved to laugh and tell great stories - not at all intimidating in person. Pretty much anyone can appear intimidating when you're flat on the ground and they're looking down at you from a saddle...