Lumsden off Bombers radar

....I don't like the experience we are having with Pierce because of his injury situation HOWEVER could the big guy, who has/had the same problems as Buck, help us out.?????I don't know how we could fit him in and coming in this late would it cost someone else we are trying to develop...With the right incentive based contract i could see him being brought in.....otherwise :roll: :roll: Do we go down that road?????

Tough call, Reid missed a few big blocks and has never been a great blocker but we do have Stephenson, Ooster and Sadeghian as big Canadian Backs so unless one of these guys is released or traded i can't see it. You keep beating me to the posts ... lol ... i was just going to post a new topic about guys on the Bomber's radar including rumours, which there are many swirling around, any truth to them? i don't know but it's fun to think about :lol:

Apparently Hodgkinson said during the pre-game show that the Bombers were negotiating an incentive laden deal with Lumsden. He would be a back-up RB and ST guy.

I'm willing to give him a try. Yes he has an injury history but Bob Irving and Neil Lumsden have made some very compelling arguments about signing him. During one of the games in Hamilton, Neil suggested that Jesse may have returned too soon when he was with Edmonton and that the extra months of re-hab will make a big difference to Jesse's shoulder. (Yes I know they are biased but they were still compelling.)

Our NI depth is lacking, perhaps he could help out in that regard, and if by some fluke, he manages to stay healthy, then you look like a genius.

That there about sums it up.By the way, how did you guys get Sadeghian to actually gain positive yardage?I was pretty sure there was an invisible wall stopping the guy from crossing the LOS :lol:

....hey ,,,i might have a few miles on the ol wheels....but i can still get my fingers moving in a hurry, bluengold :lol: Ryan is close to rejoining the team and if Heffney doesn't get a pr spot...bring em all in...Really what have we got to lose :wink:

....Lumsden looked pretty good to me, in the luge' ,during the olympics....He's got those powerful legs, solid backs's just the fact he plays like Buck...wreckless abandon...I think if he could come in and spell off Reid....give the opposition a different look and lay some nice blocks...who knows...We might look like geniuses or begin to take on the look of the 'home' for the broken-down players :lol: ...What the hell....bring him in...Shabazz is no longer in the league :lol: :thup:

It would not hurt to bring Jesse in, big Canadian, fast, trong, great blocker and special teams player he could be part of the puzzle. He would defiantely compliment Reid in the backfield and provide solid blocking and make catches out of the backfield (2 things Reid has been horrible at doing), my question is wha than happens to the other backs including Bernard, Stephenson, Oosterhuis and Sadeghian, we cannot keep them all.'re right.....someone will have to go...and you know what....out of the four you listed...last guy in the door might be the casualty... :roll:

Stephenson hasn't played for quite some time and Sadeghian is ahead of him on the depth chart.

15_championships, Sadeghian has played really well on ST and when he's been in to block. He's hasn't touched the ball a lot but has been solid doing what is asked of him.

That shoulder won't last , but if we get him at the right price we wouldn't have much to lose !
Thankfully Humpty Dumpty doesn't exsist or he would be on Winnpeg's neg. list !

He seems much better of a player for the Bombers then he ever was with BC or Hamilton.Sometimes all it takes is a scenery change or two to bring out the best in a player.

Gentle Jessie

Here's the article on TSN

....don't know if anyone puts creedence in wikipedia.....they're saying that Lumsden is now a Bomber??????? :roll: :roll: If it's true....give him a physical ...quick.. :lol: :thup:

Yup, #28 Blue Bombers.

I feel really badly for your experiment with Buck and how it turned out. But in reality nothing has been lost except maybe the promise of an all star,MVP calibre QB that was there in the opening two games. I hope the fans send him out with class should he be done.

I feel the same way about Lumsden. In his first two years before injuries knocked him out he was, IMO, the best RB in the league far and away bar none. Powerful, fast and exciting . No harm seeing if 1.5 years out renders those injuries moot. Good luck to him. But this is really a no lose deal for the Bombers.

It’s been updated since you posted and he’s listed as a free agent again.

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Update on Jesse for PR?'re right blueblood....someone fooling around at wiki. again.... :roll: i did have the 'creedence' proviso though :wink:

.....seems he will be added to the Bomber pr next week.....guess we should wait for a club announcement in any case...I know a lot of people are wondering what were doing if Lumsden is signed...I say we don't have too much to lose...IF he can stay healthy....hmmmm he's going to come in fresh and be a 'nasty' piece of work for any defence to handle...First things first though...he has to pass the physical :wink: