Lumsden Not Playing Against Bombers

As per the spec article I just read, it says the cats will be without lumsden and armstead, I was really hoping they were going to play as taffe said earlier in the week there was a good chance lumsden would play. That just made are chances a little slimmer, lets hope printers is up for the challenge,

From the Spec:
"The Cats are banged up and are expected to field a lineup that doesn't include Jesse Lumsden, Jason Armstead or Auggie Barrenechea."

Auggie is not expected to be in the line up??

Gee, thanks Ken...I thought even though he was traded to Edmonton that he could still play for us!!

Once again great info Kenny

As much as I’d like to see Lumsden play, perhaps it’s best for Printers to have more of a blocking back in his first start.

Ockham: Good point.
Another thought....with Davis and Caully in the backfield along with Casey, Winnipegs D-line should have their hands full with the run.
Also...Bauman, Ralph and Curry better hang on to the ball now when it comes their way or else they will be gone. They won't be able to blame the QB anymore for throwing lousy passes.

UHHH i think your reading it wrong. peters is pointing out that auggie wont be in the line up because of the trade and the cats will have to make due without him ....

I am thinking, we have not heard anything from the ticats organization if he is playing or not , just from the spec, might this be a strategic move to keep the bombers up in the air and make lumsden a gametime decision? So they cannot key so much on him, and maybe he does play and run wild again on them. I hope he plays he makes the games so much more exciting to watch.

Better starting a blocking back than the guy who ran for over 200 yards the last time they met???

The Bombers have preparded all week long with the thought that Lumsden would be playing so they won't be surprised if he shows up on Saturday.

geeez its not like if jesse shows up they are gonna sh*t themselves. its not like preparing for a drop back passer and then being surprised by a scrambler. dont see the advantage here of playing possum? you might run a different defence but not something foreign to your team that cant be implemented on the fly. i think were giving the coaching staff too much credit. lol

here is a tsn article about the game as well

Lumsden ot playing , what a surprise