Lumsden not Calgary bound?

Paraphrased from this morning’s paper: Higgins is not too sure that Jesse would fit within the Stamps O-plan saying that if he were selected he would undeniably take a back seat to Joffrey Reynolds as starting tailback. Wiggy sounded more interested in what he could get for the first Draft pick spot with Ottawa, Saskatchewan and Hamilton showing interest in that trade talk.

I never really thought Lumsden was a high priority for the Stamps I am curious if Calgary drafts him for a blockbuster trade though.

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I just wanted to say I agree with you calgarred. I think the Stamps will draft him and package a deal. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

just a thought, but maybe they cant afford them.

Well I would think that he will get drafted for a trade later. Unless one of three teams mentioned by Higgens in the paper this morning ups the ante for a trade. Again I do not believe teams will give much for Lumsden and less there is a need do to injury. The three teams mentioned Ottawa, Saskacthewan and of course Hamilton.

I tend to to agree that he will be drafted by Calgary. There is a school of thought that organizations should try to draft the best athlete available when it comes time to make that pick. I’m not sure that he will be coveted in a trade though, how much would you be willing to give up for an unproven Canadian running back. His biggest selling points at the moment are the fact that he is Canadian, had a great year last year and has the physical attributes to play the pro game. Canadian teams rarely rely on a Candian starter in the backfield, usually converting them to another position or using them in a backup role. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

Why would stamps select him if Seahawks already signed him?

A lot of CFL teams hold the “rights” to certain players on NFL rosters. Calgary could select him, but if he makes it with Seattle it could be a waste of a pick. Perhaps a bit of a gamble.

Yup. Last year, the Als “wasted” their top pick on Alain Kashama who played for the Bears. But Kashama got cut from Chicago’s roster near the end of season (when CFL season was over). If he does not find himself a new spot this year, Montreal will most likely get him. And, they will have an “enhanced” player for he will have had NFL experience. He would come in handy since Ed Phillion is probably in his last year.

So sometimes, it can be good to draft a guy whose future in the NFL in uncertain.

I agree. The most recent example for the Esks is Randy Chevriet (not sure I spelled right). He is now in Calgary, but was drafted by the Esks because he was the best athlete available at the time. It is a shame that we lost him to free agency without compensation, but that’s the breaks. The point is that players are still worth taking even if they are going to give it a go in NFL. At least you have the rights to them if and when they come back to Canada to play.

This morning’s sports news is that Greg Marshall is SO confident that Calgary will pass on Lumsden and that he’ll still be around when Hamilton picks sixth that he won’t entertain any of Higgins calls to discuss possible trade angles. We should pick him just outta spite. Why wouldn’t Marshall want this deal? Wouldn’t it make pressuring Davis into a contract easier for him?

I would be surprised if Lumsden is still available at #6

Heard at some point…PT Sports maybe?..that with Lumsden signing with the Seahawks, the most likely team to select him would be the Riders since they have multiple 1st round picks and could afford to “waste” one on a player who won’t play for them this year, or may never hit the CFL field. This from the regular PT Panel who were talking with Eric Tillman. Made sense to me.

who really needs a RB?.. Calgary has that young guy, Saskachewan sure doesnt need one, Toronto doesnt either, nor does Hamilton, and BC has a good RB for their offence, Ottawa has a good RB in Ranek, and im not sure who is the RB in Montreal and Winnipeg this year… so where would Lumsden fit in the CFL?

  • Edmonton has only rookies RB.
  • Jeffrey Renoylds is still unproven.
  • Troy Davis is getting old and will need to be replaced in about two years.
  • John Avery just plain sucks.

Lumsden will be drafted by Montreal who is moving quickly towards an all-RB offense. That’s right, one centre and 11 backs.

Went to Hamilton - maybe that is why they lowballed Davis.

Still, Montreal drafted one more RB. If this team doesn’t run more than it did in the last two year, it’s going to be mocked for quite some time…

For some reason Ham drafting Lumsden doesn’t really surprise me. Considering that Marshall originally got Lumsden to come to McMaster.

who is winnipegs rB?? what kind of question is that. do you watch the cfl? there are a lot of names on the bombers i would not expect people to know but roberts and stegall people should recognize.