lumsden no team player?

well its too bad that after all the lumsden talk about being a leader and how important winning is to him he decides that the game doesnt mean enough to him to play in. the same game that a week ago he charged his own teamates about not caring about. i hope this isnt a sign of things to come. what an opportunity to earn your teams respect and actually step forward as a leader and and he takes an L. oh well.

Are you privvy to some insider info none of know about as to factual evidence to why Lumsden didn't play?

It was announced that Lumsden had an injury, (to his foot, I think) so lets not be too quick to judge.

when did he get this injury? in the shower?

Does it matter?

yeah i want to know if he was nicked up in bc. how it happened and if he didnt play becuase he was hurt or becuase he was injured.

LOL...evaluating talent are you NWO?.. well Davis was in probably in for both parts.. to evaluate and because of the "injury" to Lumsden.

We all know what Jesse brings to the table and it WAS an evaluation game for the Cats.. So I'd lay off Lumsden until you KNOW the facts

He was hurt during the week at practice. Good for him for calling out the players that don't give a s*** about winning or losing. This guy cares and wants to win.

On TV they said he hurt his foot late in the week in practice.

oh so a running back that hasnt rushed over 100 yards yet in a good 10 to 12 games gets a title of we know what he can do and doesnt have to play. but the rest of the "losers and quitters" have too. lol. i seriously am just curious to see y he didnt play because if you fly out there you gotta be ok and once you get there you only have a walk through on friday. so how do you get hurt?

You do know he did play some of the game, don't you?

not a good sign of things to come. anyways if he is really hurt i hope he has a speedy recovery. i hope he didnt pull up lame.

just as long as hes a hundred percent and feels like it.

give up the hate on for him, he is a good person and good player.

But we DON'T know what he can do!

That's what I don't like about all the Lumsden fans. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT HE CAN DO... yet the Lumsden fans still believe that he's the saviour of our Tiger-Cats.

If he was so injured that he could not play... why make the trip?

He seems to have a lot of injury problems... are we resting our hopes on a Band-aid?

Yes, Lumsden played last night.....he ran twice for two yards total..

....blocking didn't seem to be there for him...


blocking didnt seem to be there for him so he decided to quit. lol

This forum likes to bash too many players instead of talking about the positives (even though there has been few this season) let's drop the conspiracy thoeries. It gets old and boring.

As fans (of a last place team) that pay for memorabilia, tickeys, broadcasts, etc... we have the right to complain about what we're seeing. I don't want to spend $200 on a Jeresy and then watch as our so-called STAR running back decided to mail it in because of a sore foot.