Lumsden & Lumsden on OTR

Great OTR show tonight. Hage, Moreno, were joined by Jessie and his Dad. I always enjoy Jessie's interviews. The guys well spoken and has a great smile. TSN's doing a good job getting him the air time.

Neil looks like he is still in game shape.

Watching OTR tonight reminded me of how good the Ticat marketing department is. Since we're blacking out a game, let's get our players on tv and tell folks to buy tickets. Brilliant.

I will definitely watch it when TSN's website posts it.

Awesome show! Jesse better not be wearing Green & Gold next year.....get him signed Obie.

I still think the ticats are in Wait and see mode with Jesse..

If he plays 15 or more games.
They Resign him.

If not he could be in Green and gold next year

Yep maybe they'll get 15000 instead of 14000 next game, but of course the total paid attendance will be 20750 again.