Lumsden Long Term

Jesse Lumsden, if in fact he does return to the cats needs to be signed for as long as possible. Not only is he a great running back, he is Canadian, he understands the game well, and he frees up an import roster spot.

 This is a no brainer, why play a struggling back who takes up an import spot (Ranek) when you can start a better back (Lumsden) and have an import player somewhere else where it is needed.  Lumsden could be a franchise player, plus he is a great local boy to cheer for.

 No offense to Ranek, but this is clearly the better choice.  After all this is the CANADIAN Football League, start the Canadian.  There isn't anywhere to go but up from here on out.  Please for the love, make the right choice management!! Get Lumsden here and keep him here!!

Ranek is a proven CFL runnning back.

Lumsden is not.

ranek is a proven failure as a ticat.

i agree, its better to sign lumsden longterm.

as eric tillman says, u win with canadians.

That speaks more to the TiCats than it does Ranek.

But yes, I'd like to see Jesse here.

Ranek has not been tested in a productive offence as a TiCat.

Trade Lumsden's rights for warm bodies.

Let's not forget the salary cap next year and Josh's big contract. I think there's better than 50/50 chance of Jesse NOT finding NFL work, therefore cut Josh and hope Jesse stays and maybe some of the money saved on Ranek could be used on Jesse.


If Lumsden make the practice roster the spec says that he would make an estimated 85k US. If he wants to play I think the Cats could be close to that number if he signs a long term deal.

CFL teams say they want good Canadian players but that's only true for certain positions. QB and RB are not among them. The reason is that QBs and RBs are more prone to injuries. For example, if your Canadian 1st string back goes down, it's almost impossible to get a Canadian RB to replace him which means roster disruptions elsewhere. But a Canadian OG or DL can be more easily replaced by another Canadian of pretty similar ability if he gets hurt. Also, if a Canadian did achieve 1st string status at a skill position like QB or RB, they'd become more expensive for the team. That's another reason why CFL teams have never pushed to develop Canadian QBs. Russ Jackson made very very good $$ not just because he was good but because he was Canadian.

Years ago, there was some thought given to the idea of allowing American 5-year CFL vets to play as non-imports, but GMs killed the idea because that would enhance the value of those "non-import" American players and add to their costs. It's all about costs and keeping the players salaries low.

Lumsden may well return to the CFL but while the fans may welcome him back with open arms, management may not even if they make all the right "noises".

An Argo fan

That was excellent, Argo fan.

I don't think I have ever seen the Candian QB/RB dilemma
explained that way in all my years of following the CFL

nor did I realize why the Naturalized Canadian Rule was abandonned.

Barney, for an Argo, you sometimes say things that sound mildly intelligent.

what if lumsden does not want to sign
a long term contract? what then?
I say sign him anyway. or he will be
playing against us. he will be a boost
for our team and the hometown fans.
We really don't want a hometown player
playing for the ARGO's.

I wouldn't be surprised if Jesse sat out the rest of the year waiting for an injury in the NFL providing him an opportunity...that is if he doesn't land a practice roster position as some people are suggesting.
Then this winter he would become a free agent and it would be no secret the Argos would be interested. With their stable of Canadian RB's Johnson, Williams and Crawford as well as the Canadian RB they drafted out of Harvard, they could easily go with a Canadian at the RB position.

Over my dead body will I see a hometown
player go to the hated ARGO's!!!!!

Very good, informative post barney, but I do think with Lumsden the upside - highly skilled player, college hero, marketing opportunities etc. would make him a good gamble.

With this offensive line it matters not who is running the ball.

cough morreale cough crawford cough