I have been observing the ti-cats more this year then ever and laughing at all these fans that want Jesse to stay. He obviously is injury prone and it takes no scientist to realize this. First its his shoulder then his ankle, his knee is still banged up from University when he missed the championship game and to many other little injuries to mention. The guy is glass and everyone needs realize this and get rid of him now. Either way noone else in the league will really want to take a chance on him anyways, so this just shows that Hamilton has kept him to long. Hamilton needs a good starting offensive lineman to give Printers some time and some holes for Caulley who i feel is better then Lumsden anyways. The guy can run screen plays like noone else in the league and runs downhill like hes was 20 pounds more then he is. If i were Hamilton start re-building your team without Lumsden he hasnt won any games for you yet anyways.

PS: If you want to start watching some real football watch the NFL :slight_smile:.

Terry Caulley...

LOL. Welcome to the site.

What a way to join eh BG ? He started out with a bang didnt he ??


I think Jesse ran over him in high school football !!!

His first post is a "Troll" in the Ti-Cat forum, and then Promotes the NFL. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

How can a guy be washed up when out of 3 carries last game one went for 16 yards ???

He doesnt finish games thats why and as i said Caulley is way better and prob could play in the NFL.

Too bad every third carry he's injured.

I will never question his toughness, but I hope he is not back. You can tell the players are fed up with his injury problems and this team needs to let someone else put up with this nonsense.

Before I never thought it was a big deal but now I find it ridiculous and it is an obvious problem.

In the words of the immortal Bugs Bunny…“What a maroon!!”

NFL…REAL football? Maybe if I suffered from insomnia. No thanks, I’ll stick with MY CFL!!!

Now, thats funny! :thup:

Ignore the little troll and maybe mommy will come and pick him up.

I just thought id make my entrance with that re-mark i dont mean to bash the CFL lol but all my comments about Lumsden are true and if back a month ago everyone wasnt so nieve u could have gotten a good Canadien starting Lineman for him but now you will get nothing. No team will ever take chances with a injury prone player period and hamilon screwed themselves holding him this long

Not sure Caulley has enough gun offenses to crack an NFL line-up.

Oh, and the NFL? No thanks. We've seen enough 'run-it-up-the-gut for a gain of 3" for one season.

You have a tough audience here. Spend some time on the boards, build some 'creds,' and you'll get in fine with any zingers that you want.

Come on feet first with a calldown and you just get ignored.

All the best.

Lets be serious at this point, put Dallas against any team in the CFL...NO make an allstar team of all the players in the CFL and it would be a blow out lol...

Apples and oranges, baby. Apples and oranges.

In other words- what game? Pick the rules, pick the teams, and we'll see. NOBODY knows exactly what would happen so this is a good bar argument but not anything worth losing sleep - or even keystrokes - over.

Go away, come back when you grow up

Thanks well im bored at work and for a bit now ive been reading the forums and i felt something needed to be said. The more Hamilton cradles this kid waiting for him to come out of this rut that hes in we are missing out on alot of potential and wasting the tallent of other players on the team ie.. Terry Caulley...Try and Trade Lumsden... see i said try because everyone will be surprised how he will not get any bites around the league.

Hey there cowboys, ever play a down in the CFL? Probably not. And if the CFL ain't "real football", then what the heck is soccer to ya buddy?