Lumsden Interview

He isn't #1 in Edmonton either...... He's going to split the job there as he was going to do here. He just wants to live his fathers legacy.

Look at our Depth chart he see less Playing in our System
Look at Edmonton Depth chart he'd see more playing time
I can understand why he left.

It was going to be like this:
Starting RB: Lumsden/Keith
2nd: Caulley

in Edmonton it's like this:
Starting RB: Lumsden/McCarty
2nd: ?
3rd: ?

Only difference is it's two starting canadian backs in Edmonton

you can't take his stats over an 8 game season and say that if he played 18 games......etc.

Football doesn't work that way.....

In cold numbers, Jesse would have to average 115 yds a game...EVERY game over an 18 game the 30 CFL games that JL has played, he has hald a total of 5 100yd games. Yes he has had a couple of monster games (200+), but you have to look at the consisitancy factor....

In more than half of his games played, JL has averaged less than 50 yds.

I say let Jesse work at getting a 1,000 yd season first.

You don't seem to understand the idea of theoretical. Both posters saying that he could break the record if he stayed healthy have dismissed it as a probable. Please don't be offended but a healthy Lumsden could easily average 100 plus yards a game, in fact in games that he finished without getting hurt he did. Is it going to happen? No likely. Is it possible? Absolutely. I bear the man no malice and judge him based on his record not on some emotional dislike for him or love affair for another player

Cheesegod get over it. You have said a couple of times that he wants to live his father's legacy. What makes you think this?

This is the way I see it;
He played very hard for the Ticats, giving his all when he did play.

He was a fantastic member of the Hamilton Community and did many special events.

We all loved him in Black and Gold and now we are treating him like a traitor because he left a team that quite frankly sucked, and signed another #1 back while he was still there.

He has been in this community for years, that does not make him obligated to it.

If you had a better job offer somewhere else, would you take it? I know I would.

I think we should all thank Jesse for the time and energy that he contributed to this team and community. He has no hard feelings about it so why should we.

We have a #1 back in Keith so let the sour grapes go.

I agree that Jesse hasn't shown consistency.

I think he still might rack up some impressive yardage in Edmonton, partly because having Ricky Ray at QB allows the Esks to really spread a defense out. Jesse could prove pretty deadly in relatively open field as a "situational" back, especially with his combination of size and north-south speed. Remember how some of us griped in the last couple of years about the Cats' inability to execute draws and screens? Let's hope Edmonton doesn't give a clinic on it...

Agreed 100%

I appreciate what Jesse did while he was here. I always felt as though he was a little uncomfortable with the "spotlight" the way him happened here. The Hamilton Hottie and all that. Perhaps Edmonton is a better fit for him because the team doesn't have nearly the interacation with the fans that they do here in Hamilton. Not to say he was ever rude, but he just seemed a little uncomfortable with all the attention that way.

I don't doubt for a second that he gave his all while he was here and I can't ask any more than that.

I certainly bear no malice towards Jesse...granted he never was or never will be my favorite player, but I wish him well and I wish him good health so we can finally see how good he truly is....

The whole possible/probable/maybe issue is good argument material....I guess by your logic if he can do it once, he can do it 18 times......and I guess thats true....but for me to even think that is possible, he will have to show me that he can cross that 1000 yd barrier first.

For me he has to stay healthy for more than 5 consequetive games :?

We need a sticky jesse thread.

One thing is certain that many of will watch with interest no matter what our stance is on his moving on.

I don't blame Jesse one bit for moving on. I talked to him last year at the beginning of the year and he was really pumped about the season. This guy is a extremely proud young man and when he was out injured, it bothered him more than anybody. It was killing him inside. Unless you are or were an athlete, you'll never understand what Jesse and his family were going through. If not for the injuries he'd be the best RB in the league. Sometimes it's better to get a change of scenery and have a fresh start somewhere else.
I hope we can win the Grey Cup here in Hamilton....and it sure would be nice to see Jesse have a great year...he deserves it. :cowboy:

Go easy on the Ticats when you come back to Hamilton Jesse, How about taking a knee on the 1 yd line for us fans :thup: :twisted:

Add hockey to that list. :slight_smile:

Now if the Lummer starts to play injury free might be a bite strange. Has to be the real grass field. :roll:

I didn't see anything wrong with what he said. I think he answered honestly and refrained from saying anything about the Ticats because his words probably would've been twisted. It's clear he wanted to play in Edmonton and that's his right to choose. He seems happy. I'm happy with our RB situation. So, I'm not worrying about it.

He'll be hurt by game 6...Mac could have won a Vanier Cup but he was hurt...if if if is a constant theme in Lumsden's football career...oh what could have been if he wasn't always hurt