Lumsden Interview

Love how he talks around Hamilton:
Interviewer asks if there's anything he would've like to see different about his past in Hamilton and McMaster and he says he would've traded it all to win a Vanier cup, and goes on and on about all he cares about is winning a cup in Edmonton.

You blame Jesse for Moving on .. Obie and the Team Felt they need to go with Americans at HB
I think one day Jesse could Return to black and gold. Time Heals all Wounds

Well all wounds except for O'Shea.............................

Lumsden is the Eskimo version of O'shea to me, he was just waiting for some little thing he can use an excuse to hop to the Eskimos, and now that he's there I highly doubt that he'll ever leave. He wants so bad to live his father's legacy and not his own.

Time may even have healed it the FIRST time. :wink:


Everyone knew he was going to be an Eskie sooner or later.

I don't think he'll be as successful as he thinks he will be. He seems to think he'll have his first ring this year, which may be so, but i don't seem him as a big contributor. He'll get injured after 2 games, and sit the season.

8) Can you blame Lumsden for wanting to leave the TiCats , considering some if the things that were said about him right here on this site by some of the so called experts ???
  You need to take a reality check !!!!

  The truth was Hamilton didn't really want him back, just as "OnKnight" mentioned in an above post .

If we didn't want him back, then why did we offer him a contract? He wanted to wait until the end of the season. He got hurt and got less money. Even after he got hurt, the Cats still offered him a contract.

Jesse would be good to be packaged as a 2 headed monster, with a guy like Keith. They split the load and he won't have more chances to get injured.

Very Simple the contact was offered Before he got hurt and We signed Keith.
After words Obie made up his mind not to Resign Jesse unless he wanted be a Role Player
Jesse wanted to be a #1 Back . So He did not fit into hamilton Plans anymore

I don't blame Jesse one bit for moving on ..

I'm glad he did too. Now he can go sit in Edmonton's sick bay for the season and we can focus on winning without him as usual.

I think Edmonton must have loaned Bob Young money to buy the Ticats. How else can we explain all the player movement between the two teams. :slight_smile:

forget about Jesse the only reason he wanted to go to Edmonton is they play on a natural turf. I'm surprised he's not hurt already.natural turf or not he won't last six games it is a shame great talent. :rockin:

Lumsden certainly is under pressure to make it through a full season without being placed on the I L . If he does he could break pringles CFL Rushing record and get another shot at NFL, if he gets hurt he will Playing special teams in 2010 . if he plays in 2010

Jesse has had two cracks at the NFL now and he is on the other side of 25 now. Combined with his injury history, even in his NFL camps he was injured, I don't believe he'll get another NFL shot. The NFL doesn't take gambles because they don't have to. There's probably a dozen good starting calibre American halfbacks available for every team, every season. So, the supply outstrips the demand for Jesse I think. In fact, most CFL stars could probably play in the NFL, but for whatever reason they weren't ready when they had their window of opportunity, didn't get drafted or were cut in training camp; by the time they have become CFL stars, the NFL has a whole new set of fresh recruits every year. So I don't believe Jesse will be heading back south.

Breaking Pringles' record is a possibility for him though, IF he stays healthy, and IF Edmonton can open up the truck lanes for him. That was one thing about the Cats' offensive line - awesome run blocking. I hope the changes to the line this year can improve the pass blocking and maintain the run blocking capabilities they had. Jesse is a monster when he's playing though, that's definite. He's a scary player and I expect him to be a force. It's all just a matter of whether he can stay healthy. I believe that if he was healthy the Cats would've stuck with him rather than go after Keith. But what's done is done. Good luck to him. I just hope he doesn't have one of those 200+ yd games against our team.

What record are you talking about?..

Can’t be all time leading yard, because to reach Pringle’s all time record of 16,425 he would have to average about 1,500 yds per year for the next ten years. Tall order for a guy who is 27 and has taken 4 years to reach 1800.

Don’t think that its most yds in a season (2065) or most 100 yd games (70)or mos consecutive , cause Jesse is still working on his first 1000 yd season.

Don’t forget that Jesse is going to be playing on a team that has Ricky Ray, so he isn’t going to be the focus of the offense anymore.

To mention Jesse and Mike Pringle in the same sentence is like comparing apples and oranges…one is an injury prone average RB who has shown flashes of brillance, the other is the greatest RB ever to play in this league.

the single season rushing record is certainly achievable if Jesse can stay healthy based on his production in the games he actually completed. If you do the arithmatic not only is it possible its probable. That said, I'd be shocked if it happpened

Jesse is a non-issue to me at this point. He's no longer a ticat and as long as he doesn't shoot his mouth off about Hamilton, I don't have to hate him. :smiley: He didn't want to be here and I would rather have people here who do. I don't bear him any ill will, but I also don't have confidence that he can remain healthy unless he's used in a secondary role (which is what the Esks have in mind from what I've read)

Which, funny enough is what we wanted. We wanted him to sign early in the year, he wouldn't do that. We ask him to sign at the end of the season to take on a secondary role and form a powerful duo with Kenton Keith. He wouldn't do that. We asked him to change his running style. He wouldn't do that. We offer him a contract through free agency, he says he never got offered a contract and was disappointed about it (shortly after he became and Eskimo). When he get's to Edmonton they ask him to take on a secondary role, splitting with another N/I back, he says sure no problem. They ask him to change his running style to prevent injuries, sure no problem. I used to like Lumsden, but I'm neutral at this point. I don't wanna hate him but he kinda pushes you there.

I know Jesse Personally We became Good Friends this off-season.
He did want to be here but the Ticats did not want to make Him #1 Back and pay him as one.
I understand why Injury History and Team want to go a back by community Running Game
I see both Sides and Trust me it was best he Moved on ..

I don't think it could have been handle any better on either side .
Breakups are always tough but it had to be done
end of story