Lumsden injured.. AGAIN!

well he's out again,. shocker :open_mouth: :o

Trade em.................

I think we can officialy call him injury prone.

I also don't think anyone would take a chance on him now.

How can we get rid of an injury case???

Won't get much for him in a trade. At least we don't have to worry about him signing elsewhere.

Suck it up princess this football not ballet

It is such a shame - all that talent and the fagility of crystal

What happened to Lumsden?

I think he sneezed…

This biatcch has ZERO trade value. Too bad - he has talent but it is beyond dispute he's fragile as all hell, hence pretty much useless.

Man oh man.

When Lumsden was still trying his hand at the NFL and everyone on this site was praising him like the next coming of Barry Sanders I was skeptical and didn't buy into the hype.

Then I saw Lumsden play and he really convinced me that he really was THAT good.

Then he tried the NFL again.

Then he came back again.

I thought to myself... "YES... this guy is great. I'm so glad he signed".

That all leads to this...


Heck, even when ppl first started talking about trading him i was 100% against it. I even bought a Lumsden jersey to be properly prepared for the Labour Day game. But c'mon... this guy is made out of glass. He may have legit injuries... he just has too many of them. There is no need for a guy that plays half of the teams games.

Caulley is more than adequate to replace him. I'd even venture to say that it's Caulley's job and Lumsden is the backup.

L- Laughably
U- Unhealty
M- McMaster
S- Student
D- Damaged
E- Every
N- Night

Can anyone beat that acronym?

The TSN announcers were discussing this. And nobody wants to bring it up because everyone loves Jesse's play so much, and his personality. But really, he's just injured far too much. Something is wrong, maybe he needs to consult with someone who's been in his position of being injured constantly. Is it an inevitable consequence of his style of play? Can he change his play up a bit to avoid being injured so much? And if so, would he still play as the Jesse we know?

I feel bad for him. But we need a running back that can start 15+ games a year.

Don't worry, when we lose Lumsden in the off season. He'll sign else where and play RB for 10 more years and break CFL records.

Upright running style...Same as Lapointe, gets them all the time.

That is quite good - can't top that without resorting to profanities!

just say nothing and then next year, dont' sign him.. just let him think he's signing.. and just let him drift off into silence.

I think what might happen is the Cats will give him an offer that will be commensurate with Jesse's ijury prone past.

HA!!!...i should predict more turnovers!!...Knowlton what a game...

Zeke who??

Oooops wrong thread!