Lumsden Incredible

Lumsden made the Lion defense resemble the U of T Blues at times last night. As an Argo fan, I wish we had a runner as good as him.

Also, that D lineman McKay had a monster night against a very good o-line.

Poor call against that poor db Anderson though...this is not touch football ref........

He appears to be the whole package - speed, size, moves and to top it off a home town boy. We are definitely lucky to have him - thanks Marshall.

MVP.. MVP...MVP :smiley:

He appears to be showing everyone that he is the real deal, despite some doubters who thought he couldn't translate his CIS MVP skills into CFL success.

I only wish the Ivor Wynne announcer would stop saying "Rumblin' and Tumblin' Lumsden" every time Jesse gets the ball. It's like nails on a chalkboard every time that guy opens his mouth.

Imagine how much better he would be if he had come straight into the CFL instead of wasting two seasons.

All 3 of the CFL's top running backs have played 4 games.

With 298 yards Lumsden is 44 yards behind Charles Roberts who is at 342 yards carried. What is absolutely amazing is Lumsden has done this on 37 carries where Roberts has handled 67 rushing attempts. Joe Smith has 61 carries for 321 yards.

With his open field speed, Lumsden is averaging 8 yards per carry. Lets hope it keeps up and we move on with an honest balanced offense that can continue to spring our home-boy for huge gains and touchdowns.

Lumsden played a great game for you guys last night. he is your future! Heck, he is your Current!

I said it in a thread before, but I'm not sure where it went, but I thought before the season that Jesse would lead the league in rushing and all-purpose yards. Good for him. He has the potential to be the best back in Hamilton history, he is a much better runner than Troy DAVIS, faster and stronger. The sky is the limit for this guy.

I will admit that until the Montreal game I wasn't sure if Jesse was the answer as the starting running back. He showed his ability that night and had a great game last night. I am sure now, what a benefit having a Canadian at that position.

The hidden benefit is that by having a Canadian (Lumsden) at Running back, you can use an Import at another position. This is a win-win for the Ti-Cats.

I'm thinking he probably learned a thing or two at the NFL training camps he attented. Say what you want about the NFL, but I don't think anyone can seriously argue that their coaching is inferior to ours. How could someone attend camps without picking up some ways to improve their technique?

He has lead every league he has ever played in.

Can't stop that dude.

Lumsden needs to get the ball more often. That is the key to any success this team will have.