Lumsden: I'll play in the CFL

[i]Running back Jesse Lumsden is confident he'll play for a CFL club this summer, even if the start of his season is delayed.

"I'm just training," Lumsden said Wednesday. "I'm back in Ontario. I've spoken with some teams and they know of my situation."

"That's when I'll be cleared for anything-goes contact, I'm sure," he said.

"I know I'll be on the field at some point. I know I'll have to be a little patient, but I'm going to be ready. I don't feel any pressure to be on the field ready for June 6."[/i]

I used to think the guy was just overly optomistic. I'm starting to think he's delusional. :expressionless:

He rushed his return with the Eskimos. He should've just waited till mid season, or as long as it took.

I hope he is 100%. I don't think he's delusional, I just think he wants to play football more than anything in the world.

I hope he does return and lights it up against any team but mine.

Good luck Lumsden, you might need it.

He'll be an Argo or Bomber in no time

I wanted to watch Lumsden play in the CFL last year (particularly since he was an Eskimo), but he was injured most of the time… Maybe tackle football isn’t the ideal career for him?

Might need it??? This guy needs every good luck charm he can het his hands on! Seems like a really cool guy but the injury bug has it in for him.

maybe he should move to slot back instead. like the pinball did later in his career. it would be rad if he went to the stamps... got injured... put us in a tough spot for non imports...

Sounds like he has a wink and a promise from somebody, once he is declared fit for action.
He just has to stop dropping his shoulders and trying to run over everybody that tries to tackle him. Slot Back could be he best position going forward, with a few counter running plays designed for him from that position.

Don't think he has the hands to play slotback.

he needs to take a season off. let that shoulder heal!

he's the kind of guy that you can't tell anything to!

he is done. who's going to take the risk with him? unless they pay him game by game!

the guy has proven that he can't take much of a beating before getting hurt..

Esks did the right thing by letting him go and nobody else will take the risk!

everyone has a running back. Nobody needs him and he'll end up sitting on the sidelines. er, I mean in the stands.

Maybe Lumsden and Kelly use the same sports psychologist.

Don't be surprized if he plays and don't be surprized if he plays with the Eskimos. But don't be surprized if he doesn't play either.

so nothing is going to suprise you...

He's delusional. The average career of a running back is three or four years even if he stays completely healthy. It's the most punishing position in football, requiring the player to be in peak physical condition, and backs get tossed aside as soon as they lose a step and somebody younger and cheaper can fill the void. Yet Glass Joe over here thinks he can still play? Okay, Jesse, good luck with that. Never mind that using him as your feature back screws up your NI ratio when (not if) he gets injured.

Honestly, the guy is more brittle than Eric Lapointe and isn't better than average in any aspect of the position that doesn't involve carrying the football (blocking, check-releasing, receiving out of the backfield). He's done.

This wouldn't even be a story if Jesse weren't Canadian, BTW. No import back out there would get a second look if he were this injury-prone.

Yeah, no kidding, eh? :lol:

He won't be back in Edmonton. We've got Whitlock, McCarty, and Bertrand.

Bertrand is a pretty rad guy to have on your team. i would love to see him a ball again sometime.