Lumsden Hurt already!

Well barely 1 quarter into the football game and Jesse Lumsden is hurt!

knew that would happen.

Dislocated Shoulder.. WELL, he'll be out for a while.

I feel for him (me am a double ACL dude thus robocop ie: two knee braces for sports...........get it?). Very unfortunate for him and a real shame. It's hard to see such potential go to waste. I'm an Als fan but overall I'm a football fan and it hurts to see this happen. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he can maintain a healthy career moving forward. Keep your chin up Jesse and get in shape to whip our buts :wink: Honestly I would love to see him healthy against us. When he is at his best it will bring out the best in our defence and we need to be tested on a consistent basis because as we all know ARGOS..........SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

I agree, this is heartbreaking for Jesse, this guy can do it all, but this kind of situation doesn't spell well for his overall future. This may be the end of Jesse's career. Too much too often.

Awful for Lumsden. Makes you sick to watch. Good start Coach Hall. Not pretty but a win is a win.

Yah, did you notice it took a FORMER Esk to deliver the telling blow and put out Big Jess'?
Even Esk castoffs are better than just about anybody else in the league.

Not that hard of a hit....Cant say i was on board when they sighned him.Over all a bad game.