Lumsden hurt "AGAIN"

I just read that jesse isn't going to make the trip with the skins to there first pre-season game "groin injury". I don't know about you but l think this guy gets injured everywhere he's gone from mac to the seahawks and the skins. There goes his chance.

Could you supply the link please? I'll try to find this update as well.

Oski Wee Wee,

couldn't find this info on the redskins website...please post a link

This is as close as I could come. It's near the bottom of the article, under "Quick kicks".

[url=] ... b/xp-77808[/url]

That mentions his absence. Thanks for that.

Oski Wee Wee,

doesn't say anything concrete other than he wasn't at the final tune-up.. could mean any numbe fo thigns, but meh, good on ya for the find.

According to the Redskins website Lumsden sustained a hip flexor injury on Thursday. Not serious. Coach Gibbs said it is an aggravating injury. No word about him not playing.. Sounds unlikely that he will.Hopefully, he won't be out for long.
Check for the article on the Redskins site on
The remarks about Lumsden appear in an article titled Lefotu is feeling much better in the News section on the Redskins site.

confirmed from Neil.

He's not making the trip.

Too bad, I hope they make taxi squad spot for him.

Lumsden will make the team, Joe Gibbs knows he is a good player and has probably already made up his mind that he's going to keep him.



News & Notes: Lumsden, Jacobs Out vs. Bengals

the skins could use jesse tonight, portis is out, ladell betts never suited up, and now fellow canadian kerry carter is down and out with a knee injury, man this sucks, i feel bad for kerry, good guy, deserves more media hype than lumsden, he actually played big time football for stanford for a classy head coach in ty willingham.

how exactly do you know this?
Do you know Mr Gibbs?

i love it how people overhype jesse likes he's the best thing since sliced bread, there ARE TONS OF KIDS OUT THERE BETTER THAN JESSE , WAKE UP!! IF HE WAS HYPE THEN WHY DID HE GO TO MCMaster instead of ohio state, texas, auburn, usc, ucla , notre dame, penn state, real football schools, jesse couldnt even make it to a division 1-aa school.

clearly the redskins think he's better than you do, they signed him.

they signed him to give him some snaps in training camp to reduce the load for portis. and lumsden is too soft for the nfl, he signs with seattle in 2005 gets hurt, signs with the skins and gets hurt again, he is some 6'2'' 225 lb. RB , yet he doesnt run people over, remember CIS is nothing compared to the NFL, the CIS is like garbage and nothing compared to the ncaa and cis, most cis kids wouldnt even qualify to be a towel boy in the nfl much less a starting RB.

All I've heard is positive reviews for Lumsden. With Carter & Portis banged up Lumsden's chances may have just become significantly better...

People have to give some of these athletes in the CIS a break. Yes the strick academic standards & lack of full sports scholarships hurt the talent level... but some really great players sometimes slip through the cracks & go un-noticed by the big 1-A or even 1-AA NCAA schools.

I really think Lumsden is one of those people. It might have been soft competition... but he obliterated the CIS and showed promise with the Cats at the pro level for the tail end of 2005.

...Carter's injury looked like at least a severe knee sprain if not some ligament damage

Hey playmaker ... here's a couple bucks - why don't you go grab yourself a tall, cool glass of STFU ...

Jesse has talent and deserves all the success he has had, and has coming to him.

Here is an analogy you might understand ... you don't qualify to smell his jockstrap after one of his NFL practices. So you come on a web forum and try to denigrate the accomplishments of a local resident doing well in the big world. Feel Better ?

The day Jesse returns to the CFL is the day I renew my seasons tickets. Although I wish him all the best in his pursuit of dreams - I would definitely appreciate his talents up close and personal.


You know there are plenty of big time NCAA players that come to Canada and cant cut it in the CFL how do you explain that ?

I mean a QB from Syaracuse or Ohio State playing against LBS and DBS from Mac, Western , Guelph , Manitoba and for some reason they cant complete passes ???? Can you explain this to me bud ???

Lumsden is not the first payer to be injury prone . Its not his fault and has nothing to do with his talent . Gibbs has better things to do than comment on players who are so so . Lumsden can play no matter where he went to school !!!!!

stop you rbitchen all of you and lets get on topic, what are lumsdens chances now? any1 with real info not just thoughts and what not, will he make the team or no? who actualy knows?>