Good little article about both guys. I'd like to see more single back sets with Jesse in the backfield and Holmes as a receiver. Again I think we can create a mismatch with Holmes against a LB. Its an easy throw for the QB and we can pick up yards after the catch. I also like the play they ran against Montreal where they faked it to Lumsden and handed it off to Holmes on an end around. If we establish the run that play will work nicely. If Jesse had as many touches as Charles Roberts he be far and away tops in the league in rushing.

I think they need to put in Holmes and Lumsden in the backfield more often. There is no reason that Holmes can't step forward during the cadence and then basically be a slot back. There are so many different things that they can do by putting these two guys in, and causing the defense to watch to see which one will either run with the ball, or possibly catch the ball.

Saskatchewan did this with Holmes and Kenton Keith. I remember watching this, and thinking it was a brilliant offensive scheme, and tough to defend against.

I just hope we see more of it.


That is exactly my point as well. Dickerson and Radelin are just an extra lineman in this offence. Corey and Jesse can be such weapons that opposing defenses will have to think not only about stopping the run but also have to defend the pass. We can keep a lot of teams off balance by using both in the backfield.

Here is a thought - Holmes said this in the article:
""Whenever they call it (his number) they call it enough. I'm a team guy so whatever I can do to help this team. If I have to play defensive back I'll do that," he said.

So, how about it? Makes Holmes a DB, and watch he go after an intercept.

How about it, Charlie?

The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

This is such an important point. Establish the run game early, then playaction will more effectively spread out the defense and keep them guessing. I still think this is the strongest aspect of the offense. Both Holmes and Lumsden need many more touches throughout the game. Plus, there would be less pressure on Maas/Chang. BTW - I wouldn't dismiss Rad's potential so quickly.

re-Gargoyle wrote- I wouldn't dismiss Rad's potential so quickly. ".- IMHO put rads at slotback , As a blocker


We could also have lumsden come out of the backfield now and then as a slot.

Given his hands he might be a scary target over the middle.