Lumsden had shoulder surgery Today, AGAIN!

I just heard that Lumsden had another Shoulder surgery today..


you all know what that means.. he's done for the season!



if the Eskimos are stupid enough to bring him back next season? then they deserve what they get!

Too bad, he has a lot of talent. But talent doesn't mean much if your body won't hold together.

He obviously came back too soon.

His whole left torso & shoulder was heavily bandaged on week one.

It is a shame to see him gone . . . again . . .

He should've waited a few more weeks before tryin' to be a hero and play injured.

Bruce Willis he is not . . . Yipee Ki-Yae Jesse Lumsdem (I have no idea what I mean by that).

Good Luck #28.

Jesse Lumsden is........irrelevant. Can we finally put this guy's career to bed?

totally agree with eski - moses , jesse's dad was an icon here , that doesnt mean he will be ...... jesse .. go sell used cars or sumpin , yer done .........freaking glass boy :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: hope he didnt cost the team much money lol

perhaps he could wear the mascots uniform when punter retires?????????

When he plays, he's phenomenal!

But then he gets hurt, and...

If this were the first, or even second time his season ended early due to injury, I'd say hey, that stuff happens in football. Tough break, better luck next year. But so far every season has ended early due to injury. That's not bad luck, that's a tendency.

As much as I like the guy, if Edmonton brings him back next year, they're making a mistake. It's just not worth it.

cflisthebest, you sound like you're happy that he's injured....

cflisthebest will not be returning your calls for a few more days...bring up that point to him next week sometime...

Sheep, if he sounds happy it's because he is. Since the Eskimos won last night, this was his attempt to rain on our parade and try to bait us. It backfired on him.

I agree with BigDave, and I've been saying the same damn thing. Some Eskimos fans tried to give me crap, but I stand by what I said: Edmonton needs to dump him. Our running game is doing fine without him.

Well I for one hope he comes back even more "knowledgeable" and self-assured than ever.