in today's spec lumsden says the knee feels great and he will play friday.
jesse says the doc advised to him to sit out vs calgary for precautionary reasons.
also, tony miles is questionable will a hamstring pull.

Great to see him back. We’re going to need him to chew up yards and the clock in order to keep Ricky Ray off the field for as long as possible.

Yep, great to see Lumsden back on the field in a competitive situation.
However I believe that all opposing players have been coached that the only way to effectively stop Jesse is to take him out low, even helmet to the knees. Being such a big, strong guy and with his running style the way it is he is difficult to slow down in a conventional manner and it seems the defenders are adapting to this by taking his legs out if they can.
Knees won't last long if that keeps up. Lumsden's blockers better step up to the plate and stick up for him in a huge way.

Ya baby ya! Proud and Loud on Friday Cats fans!

Why do you believe that?

I don't think any coach would teach that.

Well that is a fact. To stop a player like Jesse, you have to take him out low. However, if the Cats see players focusing on Jesse’s knees then it’s time to take out a few of their D-linemen etc. with submarine blocks and chop blocks. A little tit-4-tat I say. See how they like it. It may be time to get a little mean. That’s football.

How is it a fact?

On the hit that hurt his knee you'll see Lumsden just bounce off Gordon as he crosses the goal line fairly easily.

You think that's what coaches want? Bring it on! Jesse will not be tackled and will be scoring all day.

Watch players that go after him low, he just pushes them down and steps around them.

Check out these youtube videos and you'll see on countless plays that he was cut down only twice.

There are more times than that that he easily sheds that approach.

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I'm not talking about open field hits. I am talking about the D-line and linebackers. I said "IF" the Cats start to see guys focusing on Lumsden knees (which could happen as he's had a well publicized injury there). I'm talking guys 220-270lbs trying to cut Jesse down with hits to the knee. He is hit low by DB's all the time. He sometimes ends up landing on his shoulder which BTW has what contributed to his shoulder injury. But, I am talking more specifically about big men trying to hit Jesse low. If that is the case than chop block em and submarine them. Its pretty hard to submarine block a DB. Although, now that it's mentioned, I would like to see a few more chop blocks from our receivers on DBs that try to take out Jesse low. Stick up for your best player and let's get some payback if they start trying to cut the Ripper Man low too many times. This team has to start playing like Tiger-Cat teams of old. Gotta put the fear back into the game so teams dread coming here. his knees bounce off Gordons helmet!!
Also if you watch the videos real close you will see that when the defender can line him up the hits are from the knnes down!
Give me a break, the opponents coaching staff know that to stop the Cats all you have to do is nullify Moreno and take out Lumsdsen as well as confuse Printers by getting rid of any passing opportunities.

oh...ok, gotcha.

Let me see... all you gotta do is nullify the team's MLB, take out the number one RB and confuse the QB.

When did this secret get out?