Lumsden Goes From Bob Young to Bobsleigh

WE will see after he takes his first BIG hit on that wonky shoulder..............

Grow up !!!

Thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard.

I'm really trying to figure out what you are trying to say...
but I think I got it

Obie."Jesse,I'm offering you $150,000 a year ,longterm..we want you to be part of this team as it turns the corner"
Jesse." well Obie..I've thought about things..and I'll be taking a better offer @ $75,000 for one year..SO TAKE THAT!!"

Jesse walks away from Obies desk..whistling a happy tune..takes two more steps....DOH! :lol:

Wha records was he actually on pace to shatter??? lets stick to the facts.

Yeah he had two huge games against the Lions and Bombers, but in the remaining 8 games that he played 2 were so-so, around 80 ypg, and the rest were 46,15,45,38,35,40 ypg. Hardly record setting...

Even in the unlikely event that he would have been able average 100 ypg in the last 8 that he missed (remember he has only 5 100 yd games in his career), it would have been a great season...but record setting???

I know that synthcat and habman will support Jesse no matter where he goes....but tell me, if you guys were GM would you have signed Jesse this off season...? Obie played his cards when he signed KK. Caulley/ Smith/ Williams are adequate if not better than adequate backups. In the games that he played this year, how many time you see Jesse get stuffed...remember opening day???

Anyways this thread is about bobsledding....good for JL, he is a gifted athlete who probably wont enjoy a long career in the CFL, but who knows...lets enjoy him while we can.

Well Als I dont really care what you think about Jesse Lumsden and I do believe the subject we were talking about was Jesse working out with the Olympic Bobsleigh team . Why you continue to be so engrossed in what Ticat fans think and say is beyond me . Wont they let you post on the Montreal forum secction ??

lumsden once he made the decision to stay in the cfl was always going to head to Edmonton like his dad. He used Hamilton while he screwed around with the nfl and still needed a paycheck. Im not down with lumsden although i love watching him play. on a side not "IF HEALTHY" haha i bet lumden could really get that sled moving. Personally i dont get the sport, when i want to go fast on a sled i jump on my Polaris 800XCR and give er..200km/h in what feels like seconds, but anyways .....I wonder if edmontons gm is sweating a little at this decision?

Let's clear one thing up in this thread. Neil Lumsden was a Tiger-Cat, but our GM at the time screwed it up and we lost him back to Edmonton. Neil did not make a choice to sign with Edmonton over Hamilton. Aside from injuries and based on say a 10 year career, Jesse has all the talent and desire to be potentially in the top 5 CFL RB's ever. No?
Well, when you are just beginning to get into form and show your real worth, a notably cheap GM comes up and says sign with us early in the season for this amount. If I was Jesse, I would say the same thing he did about distractions. The other point being, that he could certainly garner more than what was offered if his potential panned out when his contract expired at season end. He gambled and lost. Albeit. Since then, Obie has never stressed Jesse's name in resigns or f.a. talk. We know there was little to no communication in the months leading up to f.a. deadline. Obie could have attracted his attention but let him go for $75,000.
As far as someone's reference to Jesse's yardage numbers last season, pleassssseeee don't get me started on the play calling the last number of years. Always the predictalbe up the middle. Rarely throws to the flat, a screen toss, a flair, etc and Jesse will rip apart teams. Anyway, this is pointless going on about what could have been with the right OC. We will most likely watch Edmonton call those plays for Lumsden and I hope he sticks it to Obie when he inevitably runs all over us.

You know Habman.....I am very much entitled to post here, as a paying customer to 4-5 games a year, I am more "entitled than 95 % of the Hamilton population.

If you don't care what I think...fine....

I should be nicer to you cause I'm sure you haven't gotten over Jesse's betrayal...gees ya gotta hate a guy for doing whats best in his career.

As for you....well let's just say that there are more civilized ways of saying that you disagree with someone.

Take a prozac, relax...turn on your PVR and watch Jesse's Future Shop commercial.

If you can find any factual errors in what I said, let me know...

Otherwise .......have a good life post-jesse.

You cant help yourself can you ?? Have to try and get the shots in , it doesnt work and i wish you would grow up and move on . Again, the post is about a great athlete trying another sport , for fitness reasons or to maybe qualify for the Olympics . Either way i wish him the best !!!

I don’t know what you do for a living, but 'spin doctor’
would be a wise career move…

8) Have to agree with you on that one for sure !!! :wink:

This article on reports that Pierre Lueders and Jesse Lumsden won the Canadian National Bobsleigh Championship yesterday in the two man bobsleigh.

[url=] ... Story_main[/url]

I disagree. Spin doctors are only effective if they have a modicum of credibility. :lol:

Nice to see the Edmonton Press has confidence in Lumsden's ability to combine two sports: ... 6-sun.html

The phrase that stands out is: "The frightful football fragility of Jesse Lumsden makes it foolish for him to mess around with a sport as fierce and physical as bobsledding."


Jeese doing the 4 Man Tonight He told me ..
I wish him Luck..

Jesse's move to Edmonton baffled me but now it may be clearer. If moving to Alberta allows him to compete in a sport he's drawn to then I say good on him. The professional athlete career is short and if he's able to use his abilities in bobsled and football then I wish him all the best.

With Glen Campbell no longer running the Edmonton show, they need to find incentives to sway a Lumsden out west. If this was included in their proposal then good for them. They found their Rhinestone Cowboy. lol Lookout Jamaican bobsled team.

Here is the link to a Canadian Press report and photo in the Globe and Mail about this story:

[url=] ... eigh+title[/url]

Is $150,000 cheap for a RB? Especially one that has not proven durable?

...he could certainly garner more than what was offered if his potential panned out when his contract expired at season end.
Then why no significant offers form the rest of the entire league?
Obie has never stressed Jesse's name in resigns or f.a. talk. We know there was little to no communication in the months leading up to f.a. deadline. Obie could have attracted his attention but let him go for $75,000.
Why would Obie make him a deal during the free agency period when he was forced by Lumsden's rejection to secure a top notch RB in Kenton Keith?