Lumsden Goes From Bob Young to Bobsleigh

This article on reports that Jesse Lumsden has been training with the Canadian National Bobsleigh Team and will be pushing Canadian champion Pierre Lueders’ sled at the national championships this year. It also states that Lumsden’s times are on a par with some of the veterans on the bobsled team and there is speculation that he might attempt to qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

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He'll fall and get a dislocated shoulder and be out for the season.

Well played!

A three minute respone. I'm impressed!

Good for him. Hope he sticks it to Obie up in the box a few times, when he will inevitibly out run our corners/outside LB's on a sweep or plow through the D for huge yards.

Please explain why he would stick it to Obie?

?If you watch Ticat TV or any media broadcast/print of Obie’s comments since the end of last season,
he never mentioned the priority of signing free agent Lumsden. In the days before the f.a.
deadline, again nothing from Obie regarding Lumsden… no communication from either side.
Why? Because the writing was on the wall. Obie had four and a half months to convince
Lumsden to sign, but failed. Why? Because Obie didn’t want him. If we can continue to pay KK $150,000
to do nothing, surely the Bobster could have paid Lumsden more than the $75,000 Edmonton is
paying him. Lumsden got me and many a fan out to games and excited about the Cats again even
when he wasn’t playing, but now I will definitely wait and see. As far as Lumsden playing
Obie’s TC team as an E@k$i%m$e, I hope he sticks it to Obie when he inevitably crushes our D, but not the Tiger-Cat fans.

I could be wrong, but didn't Obie offer Lumsden $150,000 during the season that Lumsden turned down saying he wanted to try the free agent market, leaving Obie with not choice but to sign KK so as not to be left hanging in the wind?

Of course he did. With Lumsden tearing up the CFL on pace to shatter records, Obie wanted to get the future free agent signed. But, a few months later..... Ralph O'Billovich figured he good "high ball" Lumden because of his 2nd shoulder injury. Thus, we are left with drooling over Edmonton's $75,000 HB, while we will watch $150,000 go down the drain with KK. Hope Caulley is getting at least more than half of that.

Methinks tho doth protest too much.

Jessie will get hurt pushin’ a a bobsleigh…sure 'nuff!

Well Macbeth, you sure know how to make a bold prediction. Hope you are right for yours and a few other's sake. We will see within the next 8 football months.... or beyond if you are including Jesse in the Olympic Games.

"But" nothing. Jesse turned down a big contract mid-season because he thought he could do better by testing free agency. If he had wanted to stay with the Cats, he could have signed a fat contract last summer. As Cap'n said, it would have been irresponsible for Obie NOT to have signed Keith after Jesse showed that he wasn't serious about returning to Hamilton.

And what's your beef with Keith? Did he kill your dog or something?

Geez, you just don't get it. Who signs a contract in mid season? Especially with an organization that signs a CFL misfit/NFL cut to half a million dollars.(The highest CFL salary ever!) A mistake? Obie turns right around and pops another $150,000 on another CFL runner/NFL cut. Was Obie even scouting KK or hear what the Indy fans had to say about him? If JL had stayed healthy, his potential worth with his record setting pace, would have increased beyond what the contract presented at that time. He gambled on his potential and lost by signing for $75,000 in E@k$m$e land. He would have been worth much more than $75,000 to the TC organization, providing dividends even if he only played less than half a season. Now thanks to Ralph O'Billovich we will get to watch him run amuck against us. Thanks BOB!

Congratulations, you've expressed a thought that makes sense.

All those "IFs" certainly do not help your case

I hope its not a sign that Lunsden's carreer is going down hill!!

Blame Obie for what the guy wanted to be in Edmonton he never wanted to return here to begin with. Alot of players in all professional sports sign mid season. I for one think we are better off without him he is a liabilty when it comes to the ratio. He also isnt that good more hype then anything. He didnt win us more games. When he wasnt in the line up it never made us weaker. All this aside to blame the gm for him signing with the only team he wanted to sign with is crazy. Obie didnt drop the ball on this one his hands were tied and JL made his intentions known he was not going be here this yr. To be honest i dont think he really ever wanted to be here.

As my ole granpappy used to say" If "if's" were fifths, we'd all be drunk!"

Once again - Jessie did not want to play in the Hammer. Two failed attempts to catch on with Seattle and Washington. Jessie wants to follow his dad’s footsteps in Edmonton. Only a fool signs for less than he was originally offered.

He didn't sign KK because he was cut from an NFL team and thought he might be good, b4 indy he was with ssk and he was an outstanding RB.

Please grow the heck up !!! The guy is training with Olympic atheletes , isnt that a good thing to be able to compete with guys at a sport that he has just taken up ??

 Why knock him ?? Most on here didnt want him here anymore ( although synthcat and I think alike.. ) so you should really move on and stop acting like immature teenagers .

 Good luck with this Jesse and i`d love to see you in the winter Olympics IN BC !!!!