Lumsden for Printers

Here is a question for you. If you could sign Lumsden for the money you save by cutting Printers loose, is it worth it? As far as I am concerned, I'd take the chance on Lumsden. Use a chunk of the Printers money to sign Lumsden for one more year and if he can put his injuries aside we win big time. If Lumsden still wants to go he can go at the end of next year unless we can resign him.


Not a chance, we have Kenton Keith and Terry Caulley.

Its painfully evident he's not going to be able to have a full season.

Unless Lumsden is willing to platoon his duties with another back and for something less that marquee running back salary, I would shop or let go of both Printers and Lumsden and invest the saved hundreds of thousands on other positions.

wouldnt even think about it. If you want to keep on of those players it should be printers.

Why would we consider letting anyone go at this time. We are not over cap, we are not over talented, keep them all. If mid way throught next season we find we are over talented trade someone or cut someone. IMO For now horde all the talent we can.

Printers is signed, Lumsden is a FA. What's there to choose? People should forget about Lumsden. Three tough years and if I am Jesse I'd want a fresh start. It is obvious with the signing of Keith that at best he would get a share. Where in Edmonton or Toronto he would be the go to guy. He's a bad luck trying to stay healthy but odds are that he will catch a break at some point.

I think the Ticats have tried to sign him and will surely attempt to as he heads to free agency but you can't just sit there and deal with the fallout of the fan favourite player walking away in the middle of your promotion season. Even Obilovich has enough smart to understand what pressure that would put him and the organisation under.

Is Printers not going into the option year of his contract? Therefore if we want to cut him loose, all we have to do is not pick that option up, right?

That frees up 500K right there. Split that up between Porter, Rodriguez, Scott Mitchell, Bauman and Ernest Jackson, and we have a dominating passsing atack for years to come.

I dont think he is going into his option... i could be wrong though.

I like Printers but after seeing what Porter can do, I`m convinced we should have Quinton as our number 1, and Williams #2. I think with the money Printers makes we could use that money to sign a quality O lineman, D-lineman.

With Lumsden, I think he will be traded in the next couple of days.

Ticats Offence with Porter and Lumsden = Grey cup in 2009!!!

Ticats Offence with Porter and Lumsden = Grey cup in 2009!!! 2010, 2011 etc

I think were doing fine with Caulley and Keith in the backfield. Sorry, but Jesse is injured all the time. I really can`t see the Cats trying to hang on to him.

Considering the Ti cats are Probably looking at making a trade,and stacked at RB. wouldn't Caulley have the most trade value. and Printers salary must be an issue for Obie as well

i think you might be one of the only jesse lovers left. the team would be stupid to trade caulley unless they could get a star for him.

Yes, I think Printers will be going. I`m not sure if next year is his option, but I like Porters and Williams as our 1,2.

I think Caulley has trade value, but I would keep him and of course KK. Its good to have two good RBs on your team. Knowing that Lumsden will be a free agent. We probably, will not get much in a trade. ( Maybe a draft pick) I really can`t see Obie resigning Lumsden for a substantial amount of money.

Lumsden is distancing himself from the team - the last 2 home games he has stayed away from the players bench. I think jessie and daddy have their collective heads in the stars. As much as I like the kid he must realize he is not the BIG star his daddy has said he is. I would sign him to a performance based contract only.

As far as Printer's - I would cut him in a heart beat - he has no touch with the ball and he too has distacned himself with the rest of the team. Quinton Porter has more poise and talent than Printers could ever hope to have. And don't think for one second that Obie hasn't realized these same facts as well.

I think Caulley is out for the rest of the season with a knee injury that will probably require off-season surgery. That may make him less "tradeable" and we wouldn't get as much for him, much like Lumsden.

I think next season 2009 is the 3rd of Printers' 3 -year contract in which case he wouldn't be a FA until after 2010, his option year, if he is still here.

If Porter continues his progress he will be the starter and will deserve a starting QB's salary by next season.

I think the only way we would be able to keep Printers (barring any unforeseen injury calamities) as a back-up to Porter would be at significantly less than $500,00/year. I can't see Printers (or too many football players, or any profession) taking a probable 75 % or more pay cut without looking around or demanding a trade.

The other major "ifs" here are Kenton Keith - has he lost anything, can he still be a feature back? and Tre Smith - he can do it all - slashing speed, returner, RB, blocker; but will he be satisfied with being a 3rd or 4th string RB and returner, or will he be looking elsewhere for steadier employment (and a bigger pay-cheque)?

Re all the talk about Printers. CFL contracts are not guaranteed. So after this season he can be released with no fiancial consequences. His massive signing bonus has come and gone. Casey is gone. If he's willing to take back up money somewhere he may get a second chance, but its hard to believe he will get anything close to his current compensation. Jesse will almost certainly end up signing an incentive ladden contract somewhere else. Let's face it; he's had one foot out of Steeltown from the day he was drafted.