Lumsden dropped from Future Shop Commercials!

Future Shop has dropped Jessie Lumsden from their commercials citing injury problems as the reason.

Apparently Lumsden was injured while filming, stubbing his toe which pushed back filming for days. Lumsden was also injured during Future Shops labour day sale when he was elbowed by an 85 year old grandmother pushing her way through the doors in search of door crashers.

Lumsden has pleaded with senior officials at Future shop asking for another chance saying he should be ready to film again my New years.

Future Shop declined. :wink:

Funny, the way he is playing, Joseph should also be cut.
At least Lumsden when playing is alot better.


very funny. possible post of the year

I heard he fell done during shooting and shattered.


Uh, jman, I think Rider fans should be the last ones to laugh at Lumsden for being injury prone.

BD, having a whole bunch of players go down doesn't mean injury prone.

having 1 player go down repeatedly, IS injury prone. Get it straight!

I did see the one commercial without him and later in the game Jesse was back.
So this posting is a little premature.

Holy...miss a joke somewhere in there, argotom?

Oh I get it jm, Jesse was injured while filming?

Maybe you should read before you respond. I never said the Riders were injury prone.

But when half your team has broken legs, you shouldn't laugh at other teams' players for being injury-prone.

Get THAT straight.

x2 on that. :lol: