Lumsden Done For The Year !!!

8) According to Ken Peters blog this afternoon, Jesse will not play anymore this year. This has been confirmed by Obie !!
  Obie also confirmed that Lumsden will require off season shoulder surgery on his damaged left shoulder !!

   The chances of Jesse being a TiCat next year are 50 50  according to Obie !!!           <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

wish they where 100% That he was not coming back.
He can't stay healthy he no use to us hurt all the Time
He'll never Stay Healthy.
I like him as Person but as Football Player he just hurt to much to be usefull

If where smart we walk away

Is there actually another team in this league that will take a chance on Lumsden?

I think he should have signed with Hamilton cuz he is not going to get top starters money now.

Does this really surprise anyone that he's done?

Sorry Jesse is hurt again. I hope he comes back with a great year next year. Somebody will take a chance on him, his upside is just too good to resist.

this really s#^!s If Lumsdens Shoulder cant be repared , He could be Done, Never has one player had potential to lift a team as Jesse Lumsden, Not since Gretsky Orr in Hockey

You Can't Compare Gretzky to Jesse
He stayed Healthy he also Changed the Game of hockey
Jeese is a good player but not great like the great one in any way.

One of two things. 1. He's so injury prone that his career is over or 2. Scene 4 of his dad's drama and he's pretending to be hurt. Either way just another nail in the coffin. This team is done, it's just a matter of when...

As in? Ottawa done?

Hey Kid - When was the last time a guy went under the knife when he was "pretending to be hurt." Don't think so. Not too many doctors I know do surgery for kicks....

Hopefully Jesse is giving serious consideration to his "Life After Football" plan.

I know we are all wondering about Jesse's future with this team and calling him "injury prone"....but lets stop and think about this for a minute from his point of view.
He loves playing football. He must be churning up inside about not being able to play. If it turns out that he is finished because of his shoulder..can you imagine how he must feel? If I had an injury that kept me away from things that I have a passion for I know exactly how I would feel.
This talk about faking injuries to get a better deal somewhere is beyond stupid. It's an insult to Jesse.
If we never see him playing again I hope the image we have of him that remains will be those great runs he racked up this season. Steamrollering and slashing through the opposing defence. He played his heart out every time he got the ball. If we lose him we will be the worse for it. There are always other players who will come along but Jesse was something special...and a homebrew to boot.
Just like Bobby Orr ...its the "what might have been" part that will keep his memory as a player alive for a long time.

Hopefully, his memory will be kept alive for a long time not by "what might have been" but rather by "what is yet to come". :wink:

(But I'm still glad we signed Kenton Keith).

With all due respect, Jesse Lumsden does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Bobby Orr. While Bobby Orr's career was shortened due to injury - he still had a career ( two championships, multiple awards, all-star teams, international competition, Hall Of Fame, etc). A better case could be made for comparing Jesse to Brett Lindros.

Looks that way to me…

Ok so jesse is dont for the year and he probebly should have been last week as well but with a still tiny bit of playoff hope he played and I guaentee if we stil had a chance of the playoffs he would have played through it and rested in the off season. Either way he will get healthy in the off season and if we dont sign him he will come back to hamilton with the blue team and run us out of yet another playoffs. We need him back!!!

That's what you call really committing to the lie. :roll: Gimme a break. Do you really think his market value will go up after this?? Pretending to be hurt would serve no purpose to him at this point.

What people fail to realize is that when you smash through guys like Jesse does (often with little blocking) you're bound to get hurt.

PS. Gretzky stayed healthy because he didn't have 5 or 6 guys slamming into him 20 times a game, Tom.

I'll be shocked if any team offers Jesse a big money/long term contract. As Kenny predicts, any contract will be incentive laden to guard against another injury shortened season. So given that, I'd advise Jesse to re-sign with the Cats. If he's indeed going to have a short professional football career, then "Life After Football" should be his top concern. Staying in this market would have the most potential for a business venture or even media offers.

Wouldn't it be better for him to either switch to Slotback or have plays designed where he doesn't have to run through defensive lines?

I like Jesse Lumsden, I think he is a great talent, and I'd like to see him be successful in Hamilton. But he gets injured a lot, for whatever reason. Maybe it's just because he plays hard, but others do too and don't seem to be hurt with such regularity, so maybe it's that his body is fragile in some respects... injury-prone or whatever you want to call it.

Regardless of the reason, his frequent injuries may well mean that other teams won't be lining up to pay him big money, except on an incentive basis. Thing is though, if other teams feel that way, shouldn't the Tiger-Cats feel that way too? If anyone is familiar with his injury record and should be concerned by it, surely it's us.

I'm all for re-signing him, but not at any price. His record to date suggests an incentive-based contract (pay for play) is the way to go. I don't think the Cats should be the one team to offer him a large, fixed price contract when no one else is willing to do so. And even if someone else is willing to do that, it doesn't follow that we need to do so too. With our depth at RB, there's no reason to make an unrealistic offer to Jesse, however nice it would be to see him stay here.

I let him go. He's not worth the risk. We know he can't stay healthy. Why did we sign Kenton Keith?

Keith is the future of this team with Caulley and Smith. There is no room for Lumsden.

I love Lumsden. (when he's healthy and playing) The last 2 years we haven't even seen 18 games from him.

Casey Printers is hurt a lot just like Lumsden and we are ready to run him out of town. Each guy has been playing in exactly 1 win each this season.

I think if you want Casey gone, you should want Lumsden gone too.

If he can pass a post-op physical, I’d want him back. He’d still be the team’s best RB going to camp next year. However, I can see that other teams would be more than happy to give him a chance to restart his career given the talent he’s shown when he has played. Also, I think that whether he wants to return is a big question mark. He isn’t a kid anymore and he probably isn’t looking at a long career ahead of him given his injury problems to date. It would be reasonable to think he’d want to go to team with a legit shot at the GC in the next year or two.

I don’t think it’ll come down to just money.

An Argo-Cat fan