lumsden didn't make practice roster

looks like jesse did'nt make the redskind practice roster as the website shows

Here is the link to the story. Sorry Im not computer savy enough to make the link smaller. I think IF he wants to play here he will need to sign a long term deal if not then just let him go. I don`t see another NFL tryout in his near future. TCMIK

thanks tcmik i'm worse on the computer than you are

Yeah he didn't even make it as a developemental player. I think it's time for Jesse to sign a 2 or 3 year deal and face reality. He sure would look good returning kickoffs again.

Too bad for Jesse though.

Thanks for the update, 92mustang.

One would think that making the Redskins' practice squad was Lumsden's best chance to be in the NFL this year or perhaps even the best chance he will ever get. With the large number of running backs released by NFL teams over the past few days, the likelihood of another NFL team picking him up seems remote.

This raises an interesting question. New Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins has publicly stated that he will only sign NFL cuts who agree to play here for more than one year. If Lumsden returns to the Ticats to play out the remainder of his option year, what will Desjardins do with Lumsden if he expresses the intention of trying out for the NFL again next year?

The Cats can't wait for him forever he should sign for a couple of years, play then try out again after that contract is done.

So Lumsden did not even make the practice roster? It's interesting to hear that, because an article posted on said that he'd likely be on the practice roster. You can click here to read that article.

And once again, nice try Jesse, but it looks like you'll be back here. It may be time to for him give up on trying to make on the roster of an NFL team. And if that's still what he wants, perhaps he could play in the CFL for a few years, perhaps make his resume look more impressive that way, then try again. But as has been pointed out before, if he hasn't made it in the NFL by now, he probably never will.

And does anyone have any idea on when he might be back?

My guess is he’ll play in Canada for a couple of years and establish some pro credentials before trying the NFL again. His inability to get a spot on the practice roster says an awful lot. Unfortunately, in two years it’ll be even more difficult for him unless he really tears it up in the CFL. He’ll be older, a bit more banged up, and there’ll be two more years of fresh young NCAA collegiate backs to compete against.

An Argo fan

here is the Question of the season:
Who will sign a long term deal
Holmes Lumsden or Both..

The Backfield is getting Crowned..

Someone is going to have to go..

Now would be the time to sign Lumsden to a long term contract.

The Cats desperately need a young Canadian star. We need a local hero.

But if he does not want to stay for 3-4yrs then we should trade his rights for Printers.

Printers should make the KC Practice Team This year
would be waist to get his right now..

Dusting off my #28 Jersey to wear again. Welcome home Jesse light it up!!!!!!!!

I believe this was Jesses last chance. If anyteam is going to pick up a 27 year old RB (after a few years in CFL) it ain't going to be no canadian back.
Even though its very dissapointing to him he still has a good career to look forward to here. Not too many people can say that

Davis Uses that Number Now...
so Unless he is traded Jesse will use another #

I'm glad Desjardines is in place for this. I say sign Lumsden to a long term deal then trade Holmes back to Saskatchewan for a starter on D. Holmes is on cruise control here and will certainly end up in Saskatchewan next year anyway. If Lumsden doesn't want to sign a long term deal in Hamilton, Desjardines should trade his rights immediately for the highest possible price.

why would the lions want lumsden when they have joe smith?

holmes is going back to riderland after this season...lets face it!

so its ranek and lumsden.

lumsden is canadian, so frees up space to use an extra import on the offence.

sign lumsden and get rid of that cancer which is holmes.

anyone see that TSN interview with hamiltons new GM?...he said the problem is, there are some guys on the team who dont want to be in hamilton....obviously refering to holmes, who wears the rider mouthgaurd and gushes over regina like its heaven on earth.

There is a no-trade back rule inplace now. Any player traded to a team cannot be traded back to his original team within one year. That was a result of the Comiskey trades last year. They’d have to find another home for Holmes if he indeed were going to be the one to go.

holmes is a free agent after this season and can sign where he wants...which will be saskatchewan.

I know that but was stating that even if they want to the Cats cannot trade Holmes back to the Riders this season. Of course once he's a free agent he can go anywhere he wants to go.

The TiCats have to sign this guy hes CANADIAN hes talented and hes on our list. If we let him go another big screw-up we cant afford....Lets get this guy signed GM Desjardins toute suite.