Lumsden Details

More details are available at ... ?hdl=48360

2 years plus an option and he will be at practice tomorrow AND will be the main ball carrier! Not confirmed if he will play Saturday but my guess is he will.

Question is what number will he be??

I'm glad to see Jesse back in the league and he should put some spark into the Ticat offense. Looks like Desjardins blinked or somebody blinked for him (bob)? and came up with the type of money Jesse couldn't turn down. I would think that Ranek gets cut sooner rather then later now.

Good job Marcel.

Now, I'm eager for Saturday's game.

im hoping davis gives up his 28 for jesse, people went out and spent all that money on a jersey with tthat number n name on it... it would be disappointing

Blitz21 wrote:
"im hoping davis gives up his 28 for jesse, people went out and spent all that money on a jersey with tthat number n name on it... it would be disappointing"

Yes , we know you want that .
After all you told us your feelings in thread # 2 of the Lumsden deal.

ya done ???

whats this about him being the main ball carrier ?

wonder what Holmes thinks of this 'main ball carrier' signature...

I'd be pissed, Holmes has done an awsome job he deserves the ball.

The CHML story said Desjardins expects him to be the main ball carrier allowing the team to use an import elsewhere.

They could cut Quinnie and use Lumsden just on kick returns Saturday.

With a good OC next year and Cory Holmes signed (fingers crossed) I'd love to see a bunch of plays with Jesse and Cory in motion not knowing which one lines up as a back or a slot or emptying the backfield with both as receivers, if planned and executed properly it would confuse the hell out of opposing defenses.

Jesse could line up as a tightend a la Claremont on some plays as well as they are both the same size and if his blocking is up to snuff.

I see a lot of potential versatility on the offense for next year. Just need that stud receiver that Hamilton hasn't really had since Earl was here.

ranek who?

You know, Rank: The Little Ball of See Ya Later

Now would be a good time to try and sign Holmes or trade him.

I really don't think Holmes will be here next year. The GM should sit down with Holmes, and ask him what his plans are. If he wants to play here next year, we sign him. If he doesn't, lets dump him to a playoff contender and get something.

Wow - unproven guy as the main ball carrier. That's pretty risky. Maybe they already know that Holmes won't be back. It would be great if they could keep Holmes and Lumsden, but it's hard to imagine they will be able to sign Holmes after that comment.

I wonder if Desjardins disagreed with the role Eric Lapointe had in Montreal?

I suspect that Ranek's injury is playing right into their hands...he would make a good player to leave uprotected for the Ottawa dispersal draft!! (Good topic for a new thread methinks)


Interesting comment by Marcel Desjardins. If Jesse Lumsden is slated to be the main ball carrier in 2007, it could either mean that:

  1. The Ticats are already aware that Corey Holmes does not intend to sign here for the 2007 season, or;

  2. If the Ticats can sign Corey Holmes, they intend to utilize him in the manner he was used in Saskatchewan where he was the primary kick returner as well as a "supersub" at running back and slotback.

In the first scenario, Josh Ranek, a solid running back whom I believe has two years remaining on his three year contract, could still play an important role on this Ticat team. However, it will be difficult to find a meaningful role for Ranek if the second scenario occurs.