Lumsden Can Be To CFL What Gretzky Was To NHL

Having a superstar CAnadian in the CFL would do wonders to advance football in this country.

There hasn't been a Canadian who dominated the cFL since maybe Russ Jackson.

IF LUmsden keeps this up, not only will he be a drawing card across the league, but he will inspire many young Canadians to take up the game.

And that is only good for football's future in this country.

Well he’s picked up where he left off last season, averaging 9 yards per carry tonight. He will do it all year long. Used properly, this beast is unstoppable. :rockin:

Maybe if he was a QB

I'd say anyone who isn't a fan of Lumsden is nothing more than a petty hater. But he has a long way to go before we can start the Gretzky talk.

Besides, I always get tired of the "next Gretzky" and "next Jordan" talk.

Maybe Brett Ralph can be the next Crosby..... like come on

Just saw the replay on TSN... that was a great TD run by Lumsden!

ok i think lumsden can be a grat back, but how bout he finish a season first before we praise Mister injury prone

“Master Injury Prone?” He had one season in the CFL cut short by injury. The other seasons he was in the NFL.

Why is is that when ever someone doesnt worship the ground that either a team or player walks on......its because of "hate"

I am not of fan of the guy but I dont hate him either.....

Here is a tip!
Look up the word indifferent

Lumsden is sick. Big frame, super quick feet, break away speed. What's not to love? Best back in the C.

If Lumsden is to the CFL what Gretzky was to the NHL, he'll get a shot at the big money in the NFL so I hope this never happens that he gets that good. But, as said, if he stays healthy and with a decent o-line and qb like I think Printers is, could be scary.

Thats my one fear.
Lumsden could do so much more for CAnadian football in CAnada. But unfortunately the money is down there.
The Swedish lose their best to the Americans in hockey.
The Japanese lose their best to the Americans in baseball.
The Europeans lose their best to the Americans in basketball.
And as we produce better players in football, we'll lose them as well.
It all comes down to the dollar.
And right now, American leagues have the bucks.

I gotta admit that his capacity to cut and make people miss, to find holes, to make something out of what should have been nothing is very impressive. I hope he continues to do well even if it means he ends up in the USofA. It would still be a testament to Canadian football even if not quite as envisioned by berezin.

Lumsden had his shot in that other league. He is ours now and he will stay here.

You know what they say Legal.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Name me one Canadian player playing in the NFL or any foreign league that has any affect on a sport in Canada? The answer? None.
Name me one Canadian NFL player anybody in this country would even know?
Which is why it would be a shame for CAnadian football if he left.

You may have a point. But there is a difference where they made a name for themselves in our league and then left and continued to do well. While they are not all Canadian, names like Moon, Flutie, Thiesman, even Vanderjat (sp??) stuck in our psyche long after they left our league.

I agree, but it's a shame that we keep losing our best to them all the time.

Your analysis is right though. Money talks and we ain't got as much as the neighbours down south. And, yes, it sure is a shame.

man every time i watch the replay on that 57 yard td run i am just amazed by how Lumsden gets so much separation on Byron Parker.

berezin is to this forum what carrot top is to the rest of the world.

on topic, i like lumsden he played a hell of a game yesterday.