Lumsden being very Stubborn...

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Who does he think he's kidding??

anyone in the CFL really stupid enough to take a huge risk with this guy? who's already been seriously hurt 3 times now?

couldn't even last HALF a game this year?

you truly believe anyone's going to risk paying this guy a contract, making him the #1 Running back on their team knowing there's a good chance he could get hurt all over again?

I would think that the Eskimos have learned their lesson from this??!?!

they now have tow bonafide RB's that are proving themselves this season after 7 games ... they're going to start all over again in 2010?

Lumsden is an idiot! he' truly believes that someone's going to take a risk with him...


Did he steal your girlfriend ? or you just insane ?

i'd love to see Lumsden back and healthy asoon as possible. he's exciteing to watch.

but i dont think it will happen.

what the hell kind of a comment is that?

the guy foolishly believes he can play! any team who takes the risk in signing him is asking for trouble!

I can’t believe I actually agree with cflisthebest. I feel dirty, but I’ve already showered… :smiley:

But seriously, I do agree… I’m sick and tired of discussing this guy’s “potential.” He has the “potential” to be a great back. That’s all anyone ever says about this guy, but has anyone actually seen this mysterious potential? How many seasons have been cut short because of injury now? It’s almost becoming a joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if betting websites started pools to see how long it takes for Jesse to get injured. It’s time for him to retire before he permanently injures himself. If he wants to stay involved with football, fine. Become a coach. If not in the CFL, then coach high school ball or something.

it's over. Someone may pick him up later with a much smaller salary, but even then...

Give the guy credit he still has the passion despite everything he has gone through.
As for next year, why not give it "one last shot". I don't recall did he sign a 2 + 1 or 1 + 1 contract with the Esks. So regardless he still belongs to them and why wouldn't they give him a shot in camp and the pre season. It won't cost the team anything and if it doesn't work out they can simply cut him.

Ok with Lumsden its not potential but proven ability to wreck ANy defence, NO Player should be degraded over Legit injuries, that Lumsden has sustained, He should be given credit for his heart and desire to put it all out there on the field, but IF he does come back , IMHO He will have to change his style and learn to step out of bounds or take a 4 yd gain and not try to push it to 8 or 9!! IE play like Eric Dickerson :cowboy:

We all know his carreer is in serious jeapordy but why call him a fool and disrespect the guy ? He's been a great college player and an all around great guy who loves the same game you do.

Trouble ? He's playing for league minimum plus incentives... not a big risk. some guys have bigger signing bonus (armstrong , Bruce) than Lumsden's salary.

but if you continue to give this guys chances, it puts the other players like McCarty and Whitlock, who are healthy and are proving themselves on the field every game.. in a situation where they are falling backwards.

remember, if a player gets hurt during the season, the team is stuck paying him the remainder of that season.

so, if the eskies DO keep Lumsden for next year, and he gets hurt in game 2, they have to pay him the remainder of the season...AGAIN.

it might be safer for them to cut Jesse during training camp, or even during the offseason, so they dont get stuck in the same situation they are in now, again.

...just my $0.02, but what did you really expect him to say?..."oh, you know I'm pretty washed up right now, think I'll just stick to working on that bobsledding thing and, you know, playing the PSP a little more" you really think that is what he should be saying?...

...I admire the fact, whether he actually has it or not, that he thinks he still has game, what is so bad about being positive about life?....

One word of advice, rent the movie Seabiscuit is you haven't seen it.

"You don't throw away a whole life just 'cause it's banged up a little."

...I thought for sure you'd go with the 'blind in one eye' angle....

I can certainly understand what you're saying, red. It does make sense for him to stay positive. If he did say he's washed up, then people would be coming on here to criticizing for saying that.

To be honest, if he wants to give football another try, fine... I just don't want him on my team. I never wanted him here in the first place. As much as I may dislike Whitlock (and it's more the coaching than Whitlock), I'm happy with him and McCarty.

Jesse can try for the 4th (or 5th or 6th or whatever we're at now) time with another team.

No there are too many reading this who are already figuratively blind in both eyes, hits to close. You and I are obvious exceptions.

What does Whitlock need to do to prove himself, he has had a single bad game since joining the Eskimos and has been a standout since.

"Did he steal your girlfriend ? or you just insane ?" :cowboy: :twisted:

...or are you BLIND IN ONE EYE!!...

Are you blind to text written within brackets? :smiley:

He'd kick ass at flag football! Don't have to worry about those pesky tackles to hurt him.