lumsden as a Stamp?

i personally think this would be a great move for the Calgary stampeders! Well he would be in a great spot to train for his bobsledding career being that Calgry has the training facilities. i think he would also be the short yardage kind of guy. someone to just spell in once in a while. no need to try to build an offense around him, since we already have an amazing Offense. he could just fit right in! and if he gets hurt, put him on the injury list and keep going.

I would think they could also move him to tight end or slot... similar to what the Don did with the pinner back in the day when they had too many good running backs. remember in 08 how good johnson was on the tight end position? im thinking that would be a great fit for lumsden. and then johnson goes to the ufl... what a waste.

i think it would be a great slap in the face of the eskimos as well if lumsden had sucess in Calgary. with Niel being a great of eskimo past. i was really hard on Calgary this summer reguarding the lack of good Canadian talent. really felt like they were looking like the argos years ago when Canadian talent meant next to nothing to them. But Comisky commingon like he has, maver being one the most productive of all Canadian rookies this year, R.J. really catching on, shifting cornish in. How anout chevy still plugging away? they used him as tight end this year! Cote looking amazing as well.

with Lumsden in, he could really run a wild cat or something like that well. just shift him in once in a while. i have put a lot of thought into lumsden over the last year, and where he could fit. now that he might be a stampeder, i am really excited. the chances of it going through is little to none, but it sure is fun to think about. i really feel with Calgary's success, he is the one team he would have little to no preasure with. in Edmonton he was spoed to carry the team. it was to be built around him. Hamilton hated him for not being a savior. take the preasure off, see how he does. if he gets hurt... oh well. Calgary doesnt loose anyhting. i was looking at the calgary practice roster... definately two import names we could do without... so it would be nice if we could sign him now, and not wait, risking the loss of him. i really feel though he would like to be in Calgary to continue his bobsled career.

Come one Huffer!!! lets give the big J another shot! i mean, you took P.K. sam! hes injury prone. take another chance! you did on Carrol! lets get er done!!

No thanks.
Why take up a roster spot for someone who is destined to end up on the IR?

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Jesse on the PR.

prolly wont see much of him till next season im thinking. like the article says, no need for changes at that spot. but its nice to have a non import in the works

Looks like I Got my wish. It's too bad they had to release Jackson to get him. Hopefully he catches on at another team. Maybe Winnipeg or Toronto. But there are a lot of recievers available right now. I can see myself buying that jersey. I hope he is in the game against the gang green team

So do I.

At work we have the over under at 2 games.

2 games... That would be sweet. We will need all the help we can get against the beast from the east. He looked in practice. But CFL practices arnt exactly the the hardest work outs once training camp is done

Still no word on lumsden playing yet. I hope it's soon. Also... Will Carrol ever get the chance to play. All the hype when they brought him in yet I don't recall seeing him play a down

It was weird Carrol got cut. I would have thought thru would gave given him more time considering he was out of football so long. Still on the lumsden watch...

So Friday night will be the debute of Jessie lumsden as a stamp. The huffer says mainly on special teams. I'm not sure if a Canadian will be taken out or if this is the ratio filler for labingo. I'm excited though

...yup, heard Huf on FAN960 yesterday saying Lumsden will be making his debut on ST returns...and Simpson is back in at his MLB position and vibrating to increase his sack total on a porous Lion O-line...don't want to say that revenge is on the stamp psyche given the last time these two team met but I smell a primordial beat-down on anything orange in the stadium this friday...

Do you know if claybrooks will be able to dress for this game? I was thinking lumsden would even out the ratio again maybe

...I read somewhere late last night on the intertubes that Claybrooks is going to have to sit but I can't seem to remember where, so I'm just going to stick with that, maybe it was a dream lol?

I heard that Calgary picked up lumsdens option year after he got injured... Is there any truth to this? I hope the huffer keeps him, even as just a backup Canadian. Huff had his career end early cause of injury. So I think he has sympathy for JL. I'm prolly the only one who wants to see this work... But I don't care. I'm always hoping and praying for a Full season. He has never dressed once for a playoff game.

I was really happy that the Stamps gave jesse a chance to play again. and as a class act, huff did tell him he was still on the roster. But jesse chose to retire and persue his career in Bobsled. but i am not convinced this is the end of his career. i believe its possible we could see him return for a couple games after the next winter olympics. hopefully with the stamps. more just so he can go out on a high note, and play in just one playoff game in his career. best of luck jesse. your a class act.