Lumsden and the Screen, plus the attendance

Lumsden had his longest gains last year on the screen, he is a natural at catching the short pass with momentum then steamrolling he opposition. The Als had a lot of pressure on Printers so I would have thought the play would have been called. I missed the first quarter but I am pretty sure I didn't see it in quarters 2-4.

Also on a perfect night it is pretty sad that only 20000 would attend. I just read the Bills have 53000 season ticket holders and they haven't made the playoffs in 8-9 years. Say what you want but we all know next week at the Dome there will be less then 30000 people. We also know the Bills will sell out in Toronto even if no one from south of the border comes. What does this say about the league in Southern Ontario>>

Agree on the screen, also his pitch sweep play was not called the other night at all.

You are correct, we have to go back to the o line again on this issue.. unless Lumsden gets some blocking up front he will soon be on the injury list, plus what's up with this repeated back to back hand offs to Lumsden, a little too predictable for my liking.
As for attendance.. Hamilton and area are not the same as Toronto Leaf fans...we work hard for our money and if Mr. Taft doesn't getthe team fired up..all Bob Young's great efforts just wont do the trick. Mybe we should bring Coach Bruno back.

That it has a lot of competition for the hearts and wallets of sports fans?

It's splitting hairs, but wasn't it supposed to rain Thursday night? Judging by the number of attempted umbrella infiltrations broken up by the crack security team, lots of people expected rain. And missing the payoffs is one thing - what the Cats have done the past few years is in a completely different category - they deserve to earn their crowds back.

Keep in mind that Buffalo has the cheapest tickets in the NFL ($20 a seat less than the NFL average), a population of 1.2 million, a secondary market of 1.1 million in Rochester, is extra motivated by the potential loss of their team, and still relys on Canadians to buy 20-25% of their tickets. What does that say about the NFL in Western New York?

section 8 since 72,, doesn't explain much as Toronto has over 3million people plus (with the surrounding area) and the only Football game that will sell out this year is the Buffalo game. If the Argos host the East Final they still wont outdraw the Bills. You may say the fans in Buffalo are coming out for fear on losing their team. If the Argos threatened to leave the place would still be half empty

I agree with you - the Argos are just one of many teams vying for the Toronto sports dollar. And they're not top dog by any stretch of the imagination, so they're in no position to threaten anything.

What does that say about the league in Southern Ontario is what you asked. My answer remains that it has a lot of competition for the hearts and wallets of sports fans.

And if you're saying that the Bills are more viable in Toronto than they are in Buffalo, I agree with you there too.