Lumsden and Cauley in the backfield...together

This would be the best tandem in the cfl. If they key of Jesse the you can counter with Cauley. Both can catch out of the backfield and both are difficult to get down on the ground.
With the receivers getting their timing down a little better now, plus this pair in the backfield, we have the potential to highly productive offense. :cowboy:

It's a wrinkle that I would like to see as part of the attack from time to time!

That being said, the judicious use of the FB and FBs as TEs was welcome last night. Both Piercy and Pavlovic were solid as receivers and as blockers. Maximizing protection helped the option read package and made it a lot harder for the T.O. blitz (particularly Steinauer from safety) to harrass Williams.

Oski Wee Wee,

piercy has been very solid this season, and seems to have some hands too.
i more like the fact is keeping 2 or even a 3rd rbs fresh and alternate them etc.

This next game will be a testing for the coaching staff. Can they retain the strengths shown in last night's win using a different set of adjustments that will be needed against Winnipeg?
This has not been the case so far this season.
Then there's Montreal and all the Western teams. We still have a ways to go and now need to show some consistency after last nights win.

All three seem to produce yards, possibly due to the oline? I'm just saying...

The CFL is a passing league, you could never get enough touches for both backs to be effective. Caully is a perfect back up for Jesse just like Williams is a great back up for Printers. Good football teams have depth and they are the only two positions we have any depth.

Good football teams have depth and they are the only two positions we have any depth.
Those are good positions to have depth in!

They have that Package with Tre and Jesse

No reason can't use it with Terry and Jesse

Caulley knows how to spot the blitz and pick it up, as tsn panel showed. Lumsden misses his block on that read and release play they run so much. I think that they should mix them up enough that nobody knows what play is coming next but make sure caulley is in there for the passes. Lumsden almost got Maas and Printers both killed already by missing his read-release play, the tsn panel also mentioned that last year and showed him missing his block and causing a sack....cauley is a machine with pass blocking like davis was.


You've already given them a F- for the year and cheered on the firing and now you want more "tests".??

You've quit on them and quit on the team you made your choice there's no slinking back.

Live with it.

We have 4 backs that we can use. We know about Jesse, Tre has had some good games, and we now know about Terry Caulley, but how about Jeff Piercy? This guy had a great game the other night, and has shown he deserves more touches. Maybe we should use him on the screen instead of Lumsden, he has shown some speed as well.

Whoa there buddy! Caulley's alright at pass blocking, but he's by no means a machine.

I remember one play in particular where we ran a sprint out to the left and Caulley's job was to double team the defensive end (with the left tackle) so Richie would have time to survey the field as he rolled out. Caulley barely made an attempt to block the guy and because he missed his assignment the argo defender got right in and blew up the whole play.

And to compare this guy to Troy Davis is ridiculous. Troy used to blow up defenders. It was common to see him put guys flat on their backs when he was blocking.

The TSN guys might have highlighted a nice block or two from Caulley, but he is far from an outstanding blocker.

Let's remember here, we have a very young team. Our running backs are all very young...probably the youngest backfield in the league. These guys are still going to improve. In my opinion, this group of backs is the best we every had. :cowboy:

great observations... i agree completely. Upon watching the game on tape I agree, TC is a much better blocker and much better at recognition.

Until Lumsden is healthy, I really wouldn't mind seeing Williams using play-action with Cauley but instead handing off to Smith on the reverse. You have to respect Smith's speed and shiftiness, and you have to respect Cauley's ability from scrimmage. It would be a nice wrinkle.

I also wouldn't mind seeing a few more screens.