Lumsden an Esk

According to tsn.

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bye bye jesse, hello kenton, dont worry keith is quality and will step in just fine!


A shame if it's true.
Can you say T.o.n.y. G.a.b.r.i.e.l.? Obie dropped the ball on bringing back fan favourite Lumsden.

i didnt mean to make that sound rude or anything i wish the man best of luck, i liked him lots but, multiple season of only 5 to 6 games a year isnt anything to be crying over with him gone. best of luck jesse!

Way to go, Lumsden. You managed to sign a contract worth half of what Hamilton offered you, in a city where you will not get nearly the amount of press or hero worship you received here, on a team that is in the middle of the pack at best.

Sometimes listening to your Dad isn't the best idea.

How could he do this to the city, fans and team? He shouldnt be allowed to ever move on, he should have to stay here and play cus he was born in the area ya know. I am so upset now.........

Ken Peters called this last year if I recall correctly.
He then got stomped on for his intuitive insight. :roll:

It's too bad about Lumsden though. He just can't stay healthy when you need him to be.

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It's always the same story unfortunately.

remember it's ONLY a rumour ... when I talked to Jesse at Soupfest it sure sounded like he wanted to stay HERE ... if I was him I'd be on the horn with Obie now ... he'll get much more HERE than in Edmonton.

Too bad but we will be fine without him, Keith Caulley and Smith are a good threesome and the have had some success last year (Caulley and Smith that is).

Only thing attractive about Jesse was his birth certificate. He somebody elses problem now.

How many games did Keith play and how many times did he get hurt ?? Also , how many games will it take before he gets into trouble ? He`s been in 2 cities and got into trouble in both ,

If your going to knock a player who is leaving make sure you think about the player who is going to replace him and think about his history as well .

Good luck in Edmonton Jesse and dont worry there are more fans in Hamilton who respect you as a great RB and are going to miss you carrying the ball for us than the ones who like to rip you on here !!! 

 I for one hope you have a GREAT season and lead the CFL in rushing !!!!

I wonder how the league calculates all of the bonuses against the salary cap?

Me too.

He was born in Edmonton.

Why is it so attractive to have a birth certificate saying you were born in Edmonton?

Lumsden will turn out to be the biggest waste of talent in CFL history. I love to watch him when healthy...but c'mon, he is always injured....always!!!

We are better off with Caulley, Keith, and Callendar in the long run.

Lunsden came cheap for a reason, talent aside, he cant be relied upon to be the full time starter. Edmonton will be wise to start McCarty and use Lumsden sparingly.

I more disappointed at what has become of Lumsden's career because he is a local boy, more so than his loss to the Ticats... This is a good thing for the Tiger Cat franchise. Bank on that!

Very good points.

I'm a Dad, my kids rarely listen to me! :slight_smile:

Good Luck Jesse! However I think we are in good shape at RB Keith, Caulley and Smith will be fine. In hindsight I'm glad he turned down the contact we offered him last year, he's just not worth that amount of money.
Maybe the soft natual grass at commonwealth will be just what his sugically repaired shoulders need? Oh wait that's where he first got hurt...nevermind. In all seriousness I hope he stays healthy. He is fun to watch.
Don't worry Cat fans we'll be ok.

Well said. I wish him well. I look forward to us winning lots of games with Keith, Caulley and Smith.

This is a tough one, but probably best for everyone.
Had the chance to get to know him and work out with him on a few occasions....a quality dude who's unbelievably driven.

He'll definitely do welll....wish him all the best.