Lumsden Added To Ticat Active Roster

According to the transactions page, Jesse Lumsden has been added to the Ticat active roster.

yeh but lancaster said he wont play today

8) If he has been placed on the active roster, you can rest assured, he will play !!!!!

He was already listed on the depth chart earlier.

One quote in the Spec regarding Ron Lancaster

...Lancaster coy about Lumsden's return.

Lumsden went through a walk-through practice yesterday,
an indication he will play tonight.

But Lancaster didn't tip his hand.

"I don't think so. That's not the plan right now, unless something happens to somebody. He hasn't lined up and played on the offensive side of the ball."

There's 46 players on the active roster and 4 have to sit out. Lumsden may be one of the four.

Q-Does Lank still harbor ill feelings towards Canadians in the cfl, from his early days in Ottawa- what is Ticats record in the last 22 games he,s been H.C

It is usually 4 imports that sit out.

I hope he does. That's the main reason I really wanted to go tonight. One I think Mass will step up against his friend, Ray, and secondly, to see Lumsden as I didn't get to see him play at Ivor Wynne last year.

People are excited to see him back. What have we got to lose at this point in the season? Get him into the game and back into the thick of things. He's a competator and a great one at that!

We need something to get excited about and to look forward to. I know he isn't the only answer here, but we love watching him play.

He is our medicine. Feed it to us! :O)

Exactly we have nothing to lose play him.

Jesse returned to the CFL to be the #4 RB in Hamilton apparently. He should have waited for the year to be out to get an offer to play somewhere else.

All this hype about a 4th string RB returning to the team, woowee! :roll:

Then I guess Lumsden is an import now. :wink:
By the way, the 'Cats played an import short last night.

I couldn't tell from my high above the stadium section 6 seats, but was Lumsden even dressed? I thought he was on the 'active' roster? How do you not put him in for a few plays with all the anticipation of him returning? You don't think people came to the game and turned on their televisions to get another glimpse at his raw talent? If you think it was because everyone thought this was turnaround time your kidding yourselves. I belive, but it's not the positive ramble I hear on the streets.

We did get a really exciting well rounded game out of our Cat's, but Lumsden would have just topped it all off.

I doubt you will see him play a single down in his time in Hamilton over the next 14 months. They just signed him for the publicity of his name, it is like he is going to ever play.

lets just be thankful he didnt play last night. imagine if he played and we won. we would never heard the of it.

If Lumsden gets significant playong time, do you promise to come back on this site and admit that you were wrong? And then perhaps even explain your strange obsession with making anti-Lumsden comments on this board?

Desjardins was quoted as saying, Jesse would be the feature back and that he will be the best back on this team and in this league...thus I highly doubt he would say that and NOT play him...besides he will have many TiCat fans to answer to if he was not played...wouldn't make any sense 'feistyboy27'...think about it!!

Lumsden is behind Ranek, Holmes, and Davis on the depth chart. Right now he is the #4 RB. Even if one of them is traded or gone he will be only move up to the #3 RB. If they get somebody new before next year he will be back to the #4 RB if they carry 4.

Ranek is hurt is hurt and not playing. Holmes is hurt and not playing.
And I wouldnt bet any money on Davis being #1 if Lumsden had more than ONE DAY of practice with the team.

Exactly my point. Lumsden is not even #1 while Holmes and Ranek out, when they return he is #4. Granted if he had more practice I agree he would get a few downs as Davis's backup or on special teams.