Lumsden 2,000 yard club this year? YES

This is an inevitable discussion...and I say yes he will!

I watched the game live on-line at the beach in Napier, New Zealand where I live. But I'm a lunchbucket from way back. Love the Hammer. GREAT WIN!

GO 'CATs :thup:

1,500 yards maybe. I would like 2, 000 very much, but i don't think theres ever been a 2, 000 yard rusher in the CFL.

Mike Pringle

Man i feel stupid now, how could i forget Mike.

2000 yards is realisti with a QB like Printers. Printers was the reason for the season…Lumsden was effective, because the argos did not know whether to guard lumsden or stop Printers. If they blocked lumsden then printers was going to bust them in the ass for either a throw or call his own number or hand it off. They did not know who to watch or block. Jessie was able to stick it to them, because of all of the many tangles that Printers brings on the field. Man, once this team is clicking at 100% then look out…hold own to your hats and get ready to rock n roll. :rockin:

How about 3,000 yards it's possible
180 yards a game over the next 16!!!

I don’t think 2000 yards is out of the question if they just give Lumsden to ball, the guy is a beast, it’s just frustrating to see them not use him (such as the first game - I don’t care if we were down, Lumsden is a game changer, better than short passes).

I think it is definatly possible but not realistic , in order for that to happen the cats have to play like they did last night every game and although i love my cats I still think they are a bit too young to put up that performance every game but I hope they can.

If he can stay healthy, 1,000 yards for sure. Maybe 1,500 if the team has really turned a corner. 2,000 yards is a stretch though.

As the season goes on, the yards will get harder to come by as teams key on him more.

An Argo-Cat fan

Don't rain on our parade, bf...

(ahhh that's

It will be hard to key in on Jesse if they keep up a balanced attack like last night. If teams key in on Jesse Printers will burn them with his legs and throwing deep.

As long as he stays healthy :thup:1000+ :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

if printers can give him the ball 15-20 times a game 2,000 will be nothing. Lumsden is explosive...

he puts on the jets and he's gone...

2,000 will be nothing!

If He says Healthy
He come real close or get it.

Healthy full season.... 1620.

A key on Lumsden will only open the door for Tre Smith.
But I think your numbers aren't too far off.

Yeah, what everybody said!!! Jessie can do it. He's a power runner. Everybody needs to calm down and let the ticats go to work. It's not going to be easy, but these guys have fire in their eyes. They want to win. THe mentality of this team is changing, the chemistry in the locker room is coming together and the trust level is going up. Man, put all that together with a hell of a qb, a dynamite running back and some gusty coaching, we're in for a ride.

I had forgotten myself. Had to look it up on the CFL Stats site.
2,065 - Mike Pringle, Montreal (1998)
1,972 - Mike Pringle, Baltimore (1994)
1,896 - Willie Burden, Calgary (1975)

I had also wondered about Jessie being close to most rushing yards for a game. No way. Here's the records for most rushing yards in a game.

287 - Ron Stewart (15 carries) Oct. 10, 1960
268 - George Reed (30 carries) Oct. 24, 1965
249 - Blaise Bryant (34 carries) Sept. 17, 1994

I would PREFER he rushed for 1200ish yards.
Utilize Tre Smith as a two headed monster.
The team can NOT afford for Jessie to get hurt or wear down.
Let him rush for 200 yards a game in the playoffs.

I agree, I think he can do it, but a balanced, strangling type of offence is what champions pursue. And I like the thought of 200 yard playoff game!!!

PS: Nothng like a win like this to drive the sniveling whingers back into there Mom's basement to play with there joysticks :smiley:

Love those 'Cats!!!