Lulu .com Staff at Game tonight,.,,,

I heard The Lulu's Staff was at the game tonight.

Wounder what they thought of the Lop Sided Score.

They saw a Lulu of a game didn't they

I agree with the bags over our heads for the next few games. Heck did’nt Leaf fans
some 20 years ago do the same! Perhaps that could sent a message to the caretaker and still allow us too loyal fans, to still attend the games. I am season ticket holder too. I cannot believe this! I is just not this season, we have suffered too much losing since the turn of the millenium! P.S. if you still go to the games, stop buying the overpriced concessions and souveniers and maybe even the 50/50 tickets! Talk with your wallet! If I decide to renew my season tickets, the price should drop, not even stay the same! This team will soon be where it was in 2003!!!

Trying hard to stay loyal.

Leaf fans have bags under their eyes every year,sometimes on their heads....

Who cares really about some executives... Honestly we have bigger things to worry and complain about here

Next weeks promotion

The first 5,000 fans through the gate get a brown paper bag with two eye holes in it

I've brought colleagues and customers to the last three games and I'm embarrassed.

Next time be smarter, make sure the colleagues you bring to the game are argo fans, or fans of whoever we are playing then you wont need to feel embarassed.

Did the Lulu folks leave at half-time ?

The sad thing is that one of them was an Argo fan.

He had nothing but sympathy for us.

How bad is it when Argo fans can't muster up the salt to throw in our wounds?

I'm an Argo fan as well and I find it hard not to sympathize with TiCat fans. I think it's because we've been there, well maybe not quite there but close. I can't recall seeing a team in such total disarray as this one. And no one seems to even know where to start or how to turn it around.

An Argo fan

Sadly if your a true football fan you can't be happy about the poor play of the cats. I can take lose if the game is competitive and the play spirited. Blow outs by any team do nothing to enhance the sature of the football teams or the CFL.

Maybe D Barrat ought to see this when he has his team trying those onside kicks even when the game is a no contest.

Personally, I like the "Jeremy" dude in this link......the pencil up the nose is a great touch.... :lol: :lol:

Thanks Barney. I believe if any CFL team was in this much trouble I'd feel sorry for them too...even the blue team.

Just think...the TiCats have scored as many homefield touchdowns in the last three games as Ottawa.