Lulled to sleep?

Did the Riders get a false sense of victory after going ahead 14-0 on Saturday? What are your top 2 reasons for the Rider's poor performance on Saturday? Let's be honest, Edmonton wasn't that good on Saturday, it was a major underachieve for the Riders for some reason.

Durant stunk and Dorsey Stunk.

That pretty much sums it up.
While Durant did have a terrible game, the running game was also ineffective.

Durant was off just not in the game needed to be pulled fr second half take him out and bring him back in just like Ray got. #2 play calling stubbornly pushing the ball to Rodrigues, he will be good in time throw the ball to him when the game is at hand got a great reciving core USE THEM.

there were a number of times during the game where Cates was wide open up the seam where the safety was no longer there.

Durant just really sucked yesterday!

It is easier to get up for some teams, and not for others. The Riders played like they could win by just showing up, and they were wrong. The players and coaches better get their heads on straight, or they will be 5-5 after the head to head with the Bombers.