Lulay's back

This was pretty obvious. I hope he continues to improve like he did last year.

Ya, he's a keeper. Too bad Lulay won't have Arceneaux to throw to next year...

I think Travis Lulay can become even better than his already impressive showing last season. Once he get more comfortable at reading blitz and getting the ball away quick to that inside receiver on the wide side he should be able to sustain more drives and surrender fewer sacks. Another solid signing by Wally Buono.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

All we need is a COMPETENT Offensive Coordinator that can give Lulays decent plays to run.

How many pictures does Chapdelaine have of Wally doing a........................... Don't understand how that guy still has a job as OC.

Ahhhh.... that is good news! He's great to watch.