Lulay used to snow

Travis Lulay is used to playing in the snow so should have no problems against the Riders on Sunday. In college he excelled in cold weather games. Look for Lulay to justify why the Lions dumped Casey Printers with an equally as strong a game as last week in Steeltown. Roar Lions Roar.

He will be reaquainted with the snow on Sunday, thats for sure.


He'll have plenty of time to make snow angels across the Lions lose. I doubt he is use to Regina's cold weather which he is fortunate to be missing. :rockin:

Justify why the Lions released Printers? BC released Casey cause he's a douche. Just sayin...

A douche can be excused if he plays the way he did when he won MOP. Douche that is underachieving = no job

Correct, just ask Rob Murphy, Adriano Belli, Jason Jiminez, and Brandon Browner.

Add to that Kent Austin back in the day, Charles Roberts and Arland Bruce III.

And Nik Lewis

Nothing beats a football game in the snow. I'm so excited.

Well they showed the rider players clearing snow at Mosaic the other day, so I say the snow will hurt the riders more (tires them out, etc.)

Not to worry, mostly city crews doing the clearing. Football is a summer sport not winter. If it was they'd have skis or skates. Come on dome.

how many feet of snow in a 24-48 hr dump, right before the game, will it take to keep the fans away. :wink:

LOL. Well at least you asked "how many feet" of snow it would take. Mere inches won't stop the legion of fans. There are way too many skidoo's around here to stop the fans. Now that would be cool, going to a game on a skidoo!! :rockin:
Honestly some times I think are crazy here when you look at how cold it can get and people just keep on going about their daily routine, kids still going to school in -35C weather (or worse with windchill). I'll take snow over cold any day. So my guess is that about 6 feet of snow should do it, just too deep to walk thru unless you get your sled (skidoo) out.

Durant used to snow
Fantuz used to snow
Dressler used to snow
Cates used to snow
Clermont used to snow
Szarka, Hughes, O'Day, Makowsky used to snow
McCullough used to snow
Morgan used to snow
Shologan used to snow
Miller used to snow, etc . . . etc . . . etc . . .

thats quite the snowjob you giving us, but we not gonna fall for it 8)

Maybe they’re going to give the refs a snowjob before the game in hopes of getting favorable calls? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually a good point. I really hope the playoffs are not decided by poor calls from the refs. That's a lot to ask I know.

Nothing can stop drunken fools......

Not true! Running out of beer would stop 'em.