Lulay to start

I'm not sure I agree with this. Printers had a bad game but he faced the best defense in the league when they played Calgary. I caught this story on spotsnet at 3 in the morning. I would rather see Wally stick with printers Like barker did with lemon until lemon got hurt.

Ya I may have gave Printers one more start, but had the hook ready if the fumbles returned. I expect Lulay to throw a pick or two today. He may have a bright future, but too green at this point.

If lulay gets the yank today will printers go back in? You would think for such an important game you would go with the number one guy!

Whally does like to smoke a little green now and then, so who knows what will happen.

even tho the records will show lulay got a win, he was pretty useless, IMO.
the lions points scored on the foot of mccallum and 7 points off a turnover.
lulay was unable to put together drives, and was ineffective all game.

do you start lulay next week anyways?

Yes, he managed the game and showed toughness, he's the qb of the future in BC I think.

If lulay is the lions future, then their future is grim, low-scoring and boring.