Lulay to Riders?

Rumors out there according to Rob Vanstone is the Riders could be interested in Travis Lulay.

So Corky Jones lets Durant go because he was injured a few times too many. Now he wants Lulay, a guy who goes on the injured list when he breaks a sweat! :lol:

Could not of said it any better!! :roll:

Yup , I can just hear it now . Good old Corky stating and saying after next season is over......The reality of the situation is that we won only 5 games ( or less ) with Travis Lulay as our quarterback :roll: . If it happens , Lulay will just be the next victim that the "Ego" man will throw under the bus . I wonder if Jones even knows what a mirror looks like or if he even owns one ? and to think that some people actually think that this guy is a genius and knows what he's doing. :lol:

If true , I will feel bad for Travis.

From MVP Grey Cup Champion to playing semi-pro minor football.

That being Saskatchewan.

Lulay is too much like Buck Pierce, talented but very injury prone. If this rumor is true they better grab Glenn as some insurance.

Baron Von Awesome ?@CappyD 30m30 minutes ago
Buono: “Hey Travis. Ever been to Regina?”
Lulay: “Hey Wally. Did I mention I’m retiring?”

I still think Jones will pay the big price and get Franklin out of EDM.
Franklin will then get extended by SSK with a starters contract, Maybe in the area of $300K with extra bonuses
I bet Jones has already chatted with his agent, SSK is the only team right now that has a vacancy for a #1 QB.
Where else could Franklin go to get an immediate opportunity at a #1 QB spot and starters $$$.
Franklin could slide right into the SSK #1 QB spot in Training Camp.

No way Eddy H trades Franklin to Regina. There on his hate list. Secondly no one to trade for.
Franklin still has one more year to go. More likely a NFL shot. :cowboy:

Josiah St. John, Naaman Roosevelt, 1st round pick and what the heck throw in the MTL 2018 2nd

He would have to get considerably more playing time for this to be a possibility.

Murphy has been a master at finding qb talent. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't already have their starter in mind.

My understanding is Lulay signed a 2 year extension with the Lions just prior to the 2016 season. If the Riders are interested the club would not be able to acquire him until the 2018 season. He has had very limited playing time during the past number of years and he'll be going on 35 years old by then.

I can't see Travis Lulay making such a move. In 2016 Jennings, number one QB for the Lions took over the duties because of injuries to Lulay and Beck, who was the starter for a time. Lulay likes B.C., likes where he calls home, was okay taking a cut in salary and had no problems being relegated to the number 2 position. He remains an integral part of the Lions machine. Unlike other QBs who get picked up through the CFL I don't think Lulay is looking to go elsewhere but I suppose Lion fans never thought Geroy Simon would finish out his career anywhere else but in B.C. either.

If SSK were able to woo the Lions into trading Lulay in the next several months SSK would have to have something substantial to bargain with. Do they? And would they want to give up some quality players? The Lions have a great QB and a solid back up in Lulay. I can't see Lulay wanting to take on the number one position elsewhere in his mid-thirties and the fact that one more injury to his shoulder would finish off his career in a heart beat. I can't see the SSK brass wanting to take that chance either.