Lulay to Riders for McCallum

  • Travis Lulay, B.C. Lions quarterback and former Grey Cup MVP, has been dealt to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. In exchange, veteran kicker Paul McCallum returns to the Lions apparently to shore up the kicking game for the Leos. Lulay, who has been on the injury reserve list, had just returned to the active roster last week. Lulay is expected to dress for the Riders for this weekend's game. - C.P.

Is it April 1st already? :o

that was very weak. far from your better ones

I kinda liked it FYB. :smiley: In the context of this whacky, whacky season, there's actually a kind of logic to TB2's scenario. Either that, or I've just been mezmerized by the CFL's looniest season ever. Either way, it made me smile. TB2 always does.

Gotta agree with FYB. The way the Riders season has gone that one was almost believable so very weak for turkeybend. Keep pitching turkey, everyone throws a wild pitch every once in a while. 8)

Hey, if we weren't already past the trade deadline, I would have been searching CFL.CA to see if it's true. Who knew the Riders would trade Messam or Glenn like they were having a going-out-of-business sale?

I know this is all in fun but Turk did bring up an interesting angle.

The Lions kicking area.

There are teams having kicking problems.

Where is Sandro DeAngeles. ?

He was great here in Calgary.

Bombed in Hamilton , ended in Winnipeg and dropped of.

He can not be completely washed up. He might help in areas of these guys who can not kick a 30+ convert.

Which BTW, would have been enough for the Lions to beat the Esks.

He went downhill everywhere after leaving Calgary.
What a stupid career ending FA move that turned out to be.
To as lesser degree there was a guy in the East, Dan Giancola who had one good year decided to try out for the Bills then had a cup of coffee in the East.