Lulay is Dee Man!

Wow, wow, wow!

Tuned in just before the Winnipeg/Lions game got under way and made myself all nice and comfy. Jumbo bag of Ruffles extra thicks and a small tub of bacon/onion dip on my lap and all ready to go. Then I needed to make that proverbial "pit stop" that guys just need to do. And I don't even drink beer! :lol:

A minute less than a minute later I'm done and rush to the living room to catch the opening kick off only to have my wife say, " Winnipeg 7, the Lions no score". "WHAT??? You're joking, right?"

Fumbles, interceptions, dumb penalties. What more could a Winnipeg fan ask of the Lions? I thought, "Oh noooooooo. We are dead!" And it wasn't even the end of the first quarter.

Then the Lions settled down. Harris filled in well for Mallet. Grice- Mullen the "grease mouse" seems to up the level of his game whenever he's playing under duress. I'm sure every time he drops the ball Wally gives him the evil eye.

Too bad for Buck. I hope it is not serious. But Travis Lulay? My goodness. What a class act.

After Williams got ejected for misconduct earlier, and the Lions had to endure the chant, "B.C. sucks, B.C. sucks [or words to that effect] I figured Winnipeg was really going to stick it to the Lions. But Lulay obviously had other plans.

The final time Winnipeg punted the ball with about a minute left it was Lulay who ran for 3 consecutive first downs to seal the game. I think he remembered all too well what happened last week against Edmonton. Remember how B.C. allowed Edmonton back into the game because B.C. could not get any first downs in the 4th quarter until the game winning sequence? Lulay is truly a pro and is a great QB asset to the Lions.

Now, if Calgary loses next week and the Lions knock off Saskatchewan, the B.C. will be in sole possession of first place....if just for a week thanks to the recent tie between Calgary and Saskatchewan.

Excellent come back B.C. Lions! :rockin:

For a rookie he looked good but he has a long way to go.

Wally is always good at finding great qbs, and we are going to host the west final dammit. Then we are going to win the west final and then the grey cup and then we as lion fans will laugh at the doubters of the early season as we rise from the ashes of our 1-4 start and fly away into the sunset with Sir Earl Grey's cup in our possesion :rockin: .

if bucky is out i think playoff hopes are a long shot...not that you wont get there but i wouldnt expect to see you in the cup game. great game tho today lulay looked good but i really hope you dont have to rely on him for the rest of the season i think his inexp. will hurt you. deff the future of the lions tho :thup:

Training camp is gonna be interesting next year no matter which two or three of the four QB's they hold on to.

Jakob7 you right Wally been known to find and groom QB for our future. With that in mind it all depends on the mindset. If Lulay wasn't even bothered coming into a game cold, in a hostile enviorment and played like a first stringer. What does that say about a players character already.
That inexperience doesn't always hurt a team. Same could have been said about Dave Dickenson taking over for Flutie or Garcia taking over for Dickenson and so and so on. but in the end that never hurt the team as some people thought it would.

Lulay played very well considering the circumstances. Is he ready to led the Lions?......

Only something like 2 completions in the second half? Great to see he can scramble and make something out of nothing, and he isn't made of porceline like Pierce. So the final score did flatter the effort to an extent, as Bishop was colder than ice after the first 1/4.
But maybe it's time to give Lulay first line reps in practice, let Casey take second string reps, and let Buck and Jarious heal.
You show me a Lions fan that wouldn't say he'd earned the chance to start a game, and by letting Printers get enough backup reps to be able to fill. I know i was looking at printers on the sideline and almost wishing he was ready to play if Lulay faltered., hoping that Wally wouldn't hesitate..........( he would).
I think with those two good and healthy for next week, look down the road, let teh Buck and JJ heal, look to minimum 3rd or even the crossover, BC should make one or the other, and having their 2 "top" Qb's ready makes more sense down the road then right now.

Great post Pantherprime! I forgot....Lulay did only complete a couple of passes in the 2nd half. But if he can get the kind of yardage he got against Winnipeg when we play Saskatchewan it adds a whole new threat for the offense.

It would be nice to see Printers at the helm but my concern is that if we do it will be because either Lulay went down because of injury or because he could not generate any offense.

I'm keeping my toes, fingers and eyes crossed that we beat Saskatchewan this weekend. It will make the October 31st game against Calgary monumental.

Lulay is a faster Drew Brees-- He has explosive speed, fastest QB in the league, amazing senses wehre he can feel pressure and has a CANNON arm and a brain like a super computer processing defenses and coverage schemes.

He is best I have seen in the CFl since Flutie, he just finds ways to win and is extremely fast, like we are talking wide receiver speed with the ability to scramble and make bullet throws on the run while running full speed with a hungry D lineman chasing him down and Wally Buono screaming at him to watch out..

Watch out league he is coming back--

it was actually garcia taking over for flutie and dickenson taking over for garcia. and at one point we had all three on the roster in calgary lol not to bad of a depth chart

I hope you were being facetious.

I like the guy too but lets not put the world on his shoulders just yet. Although watching his poise on Sunday - finally getting some meaningful game time - makes me feel warm about the future of the QB position on the team.

I have been saying all along that given the chance Lulay would show his excellent leadership skills and overall ability. This is nothing new to people who watched him in college. You have yourselves a real gem in this young man. He is a leader, very smart, and has excellent skills. Great combination.


Not to rain on the parade here, but let's be realistic. So far this season Lulay is 22 for 36 for a 61.1% completion rate, 2 TDs with 2 interceptions, passer efficiency rating of 85.9.

Those aren't Flutie-like numbers.

Give him time, he looks like he has good potential, but let's not get carried away here. . .