Lulay Hurt?

B.C. Lions quarterback Travis Lulay had an MRI on his throwing shoulder Thursday morning and the team says he will play Friday's game against the Eskimos, unless tests results say otherwise.

Lulay worked with the starters briefly at practice Wednesday. He later admitted that a hit he took from Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive lineman Jermaine McElveen in the second quarter of Week 16 was worse than he first thought.

Head coach Mike Benevides expects last season's most outstanding player will make the start on Friday.

Backup Mike Reilly and third-stringer Thomas DeMarco wait in the wing.

Hope he is alright. You would think they would give him some rest for next week against the Stamps...though I guess if they win this week they can rest him against the Stamps.

Injury is to his throwing shoulder too. This changes the landscape in the west, that's for sure.

No question.

The Lions would probably be smart to rest Lulay. They are going to win the division, whether they do it this week or next, so letting Lulay rest a week because it's not going to kill their playoff chances. If he gets hurt and misses real time (such as the West Final), then the Lions are in trouble.

And this is why teams should never hope for help in making the playoffs. This looked like a for sure loss for the Eskimos, which would help Hamilton's playoff chances. If Lulay doesn't play, the Eskimos have a good shot to win that game. We could have the playoff teams set by Saturday night.

And don't think teams won't be looking to put a few good (clean) hits on Lulay even if he does play. Defensive linemen will be licking their chops at the thought of pressuring a QB with a bad wing.

Could be just a pull or a bruise. Lions don't seem too concerned which points to more of a precaution than anything else.

Doesn't sound serious but the injury is also to his throwing shoulder. You don't want him taking a hit that aggravates the initial injury at this point in the season.

That will be a tough one to swallow if Lulay is out should the injury be aggravated. I've got confidence in Mike Reilly. He looks good from what I saw of him in the pre-season but Travis is THE MAN in my books.

Calgary must be salivating with this news. If the Lions can win tomorrow night they wrap up 1st place and can give Lulay some much needed time off. This depends on the extent of the injury. If it's the kind of injury that requires more than just a few weeks off then Reilly will be using the next 3 games to try and wrap up 1st place and to get ready for the playoffs.

Rather ironic that he gets hurt in a hit by a Hamilton player, and the team that benefits is the one Hamilton needs to catch to make the playoffs.

I agree that the test was likely precautionary, but it is going to be aggravated in some manor, If it was me, I wouldn't play him...why push a injury of any manor. With 3 games left you only need one win or a Stamps loss to clinch first. This would be an ideal time to really see what the backup has got...and he does look pretty good in limited action.

Apparently it is an AC joint injury of some sort. I would assume it is bruising, because if they thought it was more there is no way he would have been taking any reps. An AC joint bruise can be played through, but considering it is his his throwing shoulder I just can not imagine that repetitive motion. If you strain an AC bruise it can easily go from a 2-3 week recovery to 2-3 month, as it is just one of those injuries that becomes easily inflamed. I have had a couple minor AC injuries myself, and they are not a show stopper, but the one time I pushed one I lived with the pain a lot longer than I should have.

I think based on this report out minutes ago via the source, the Vancouver Sun , that we can at least be confident that Lulay won’t play more than a half at most:

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Thanks for the info Depopulation :rockin: