Lulay Gives Away Another Game

He has cost the Lions 2 games in a row!

He is reminding me of Joe Paopao more and more

Remember this?

Anyway yeah he wasn’t great but the O-line sure wasn’t either. Plus you can not bet on your #3 QB to lead your team. There’s a reason why there’s 2 QBs ahead of him.

and the rats are already preparing to leave the sinking ship.

We can fire every QB and coach but that won’t fix a damn thing til we get a decent O-line.

ill start by saying that I'm a Montana State Fan and I've personally seen Lulay play many time so take this with a grain of salt.

Yes, he played like crap at the end of the game. Maybe even cost the Lions the game(I don't feel the same about last week). He had his chance to shine and failed which believe me hurts a lot.

I'll I want to say is don't give up on him. I've seen games like tonight where he gave the game away and nights where he snatched vistory away from the jaws of defeat. Trust me the latter happens more often. I honestly believe if he gets the starting nod for a couple more weeks he will really surprise everyone.

Great post techoCat. If you've seen him play many times in the past then it's probably more than most here on the forum have so no need for anyone to take your thoughts with a grain of salt.

Lulay has the makings of a very good QB and no one should be asking for his head. At least he's healthy.

It's only too bad that these last two losses were against weaker teams cause it isn't going to get any easier for Lulay et al and as the old adage goes, make hay while the sun shines.

Lulay is not the problem. You cannot expect to plug in a 3rd string QB that has not had the time to play and gel with the first team squad to produce results. Not going to happen. Lulay is a good QB, but you have to allow him to develop.

J. Jackson should be the starter!

Imo Tyrone its been more and more on the offensive line thats been the problem. It hasn't been the QB. You once said that Lulay was a winner, And Cp hasn't done much better .
I'll agree with you that Lulay made a couple of mistakes that cost us the game. But you could blame the team for untimely stupid penalties, drop passes. Like i said its a team game.

I agree that last play wasn't all Lulay's fault in the Lions loss to the Eskies. From what I was reading in an article somewhere is that the snap of the ball came a second early which led to the fumble. Correct me if I'm wrong.