Lulay Getting Hurt again saved the BC Lions Season.

This kid is phenomenal... Lulay is toast and was playing not to get hurt. Hopefully the fans start to come out to see this kid. Too bad the tickets are completely overpriced and the Lions only bother selling 15000 tickets worth buying.

I don't have any respect for your title and anti luley comment. Did he actually tell you he was playing not to get hurt, or are you just full of foul air.

There were several articles on how Lulay and Tedfird often discussed that he should not chase fumbles and how he should run out of bounds instead of going for the first down

that's doesn't equal what you said about him.

How? The BC Lions season was over with Lulay as the QB.Now they are the Grey Cup dark horse that if they won the cup,nobody would be shocked. Their QB will be in the NFL in 2017 and they need to sell as many tickets as possible next year promoting that fact.

lulay was NOT playing not to get hurt. Big difference between that and not taking unnecessary risks. No matter what was the conversation with the coach, the player will do what he can if he is sure it will make a game difference.

The bottom line is that Lulay is done and was completely ineffective today. I'm a Bombers fan and am ecstatic that we won. However, without that fake pint and the Lions just climbed into the drivers seat for a playoff position.. Lulay was useless and the Lions are better off with him on the injured list

Being a good CFL QB rarely = transition to the NFL. It does happen but not often. So star in the making - you bet - NFL shot a lock? - not exactly. He is only 23 - I would suggest he needs 2-4 good seasons before seriously being considered as a NFL QB

I would say its a bit premature to write Lulay off. It is true that BC will face a difficult decision on who should start for them next season as both Lulay and Jennings are capable starters. It's not that Lulay is bad - its that Jennings is playing lights out right now.

BC would in my opinion be better off locking up Jennings as long term as possible as he will be the leader of this team for years to come.